The Lone Warrior

by A19M50

Copyright© 2017 by A19M50

Action/Adventure Story: Blades backstory

Tags: Aliens   Space   Supernatural  

Alone, that’s the best and only way to describe my life up until now, it’s hard for me to think of a moment in my life when I was actually happy and looking forward to the next day. Every day felt the same, I had to spend hours looking for something to eat, many days I’d just go hungry every day was a test of survival for me. However, one day I thought I’d reached my limit. I had gone a whole week without food and so I resorted to thievery. I found a small shop in the small town I resided at, hours after the shop had closed down, I snuck in and stole a bag of food. On my way out I spotted an interesting object, I saw a small book. Curious, I took it and ran for home which was a small cave a couple of miles away from the shop I had stolen from. After I had eaten the food I had stolen I took a look at the book I had found. What I found were various techniques titled “The Art of the Blade” I was awestruck. After I had taken a good look at the book I grabbed a random stick and started copying the movements on the book, I was amazed at how complex and advanced these techniques were, I had never been much good at using my fire so this was definitely helpful for me, and so years passed and my life had gotten a lot more interesting, every day I’d devote hours upon hours of training. I felt like I was improving, what I lacked in firepower I made up for in skill and so I kept on practicing until I became a trained swordsman which was all thanks to a small book.

I once met this kind, strange old woman. Her presence felt odd but somewhat familiar, I felt at ease when I was around her she seemed to be a spirit like being, all she said me was that my parents had died shortly after I was born. After she had said that, she simply vanished without a trace. With my parents dead I had no choice but to learn how to get by in life on my own in my early days. I had never known my name I couldn’t remember what it was for the life of me, and so after finding the book called “The Art of the Blade” I decided to simply go with the name “Blade”.

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