Light vs Dark

by A19M50

Copyright© 2017 by A19M50

Action/Adventure Story: The retelling of a legend; Neptar's past.

Tags: War   Aliens   Space   Supernatural  

Just one faithful sacrifice is all that is necessary for the continuation of a species and of a family. With my goal achieved I was laid to rest, only to find out that I had failed. The seal which I had previously created wasn’t enough for its power.

My own father had to recreate the seal in order to prevent it from resurrecting once more. My father was a god, he had abilities which were far beyond the comprehension of many mortals, however, not even he could stop the power of the monster, he resorted to splitting its power into six different pieces.

This being brought our planet to the brink of death, it wasn’t until I was blessed by the Great God of Light Lucien that I was able to do anything about it. The new power which I had been given was that of legends; with every generation came two beings called “keepers” there’s The Keeper of Shadow and The Keeper of Light, I was given the power of light. These keepers possess tremendous power only when both are reunited, however, can they defeat any threat in their way. My father, Lucien and I spent our time searching for the missing keeper but he was nowhere to be found.

Once the monster had reached the castle it brought it down with his tremendous power. I was paralyzed and in shock, I was hopeless at the sight of many innocent people being slaughtered. My father did all he could to try to fight the monster but ultimately he had to retreat. Only once everyone around me was either dead or gone did I decide to fight back. The monster was incredibly powerful however, I som

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