A Distorted Future - Cover


A Distorted Future

by A19M50

Copyright© 2017 by A19M50

Action/Adventure Story: Neptar is a very far away planet possessing beings of incomprehensible strength. This is the story of a boy named Mistery on a journey to destroy an ancient evil. He will meet many friends along the way which will help him and guide him on his quest. Join Mistery on his quest and find out if he will be able to stop the ancient evil before it awakens and destroys us all?

Tags: Travel   Aliens   Space   Supernatural   Royalty  


The fear of a darkened world allows a person to see what they couldn’t before. Not knowing that all of the wonders of life which we never fully appreciate will eventually be taken from us. Time and time again we take our lives for granted it’s not until the moment when it’s over when we really start to treasure it. All I can remember was a black burning fire across the darkened skies covered with the ash of burnt down forests, buildings, and even people. All I could feel was dread.

The source of this story is Finestories

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