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A Thousand Years of Peace! Book 2

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Chapter 7

Back at the mission in Mexico.

7:07 AM on a day that was going to be hot.

“JESUS!” rang out as Tony saw young Mr. Bautista, the head of the Scouts for Poncho’s army, “What are you doing here? You’re a day early.” Tony laughed as the two friends hugged.

“Three riders we find, told us all go north to mission. We come here, see why?” Jesus said in his broken English.

“Peter, Jesus is here with his Scouts from Poncho’s Army.” Tony laughed.

“Jesus, good to see you again.” Peter gave Jesus a hug and a high five!

“Heard you have party. Cake?” Jesus laughed, “Me have present.”

“What?” Tony asked.

“Seal, big gun, shoot mile!” Jesus laughed.

“Bring him on!” Tony laughed.

Jesus raised his phone, speaking in Spanish, “Luis bring our big man with his big gun to the center of the fort. Wife too.”

In seconds the three materialized in the center of the fort’s open courtyard, “You must be the big gun?” Tony laughed. He was looking at a man who was 6’ tall and weighed 185 pounds. He was fit and looked to be in good shape.

“Yes, that’s me. I’m looking for Tony or Peter?” The man said.

“We are both up here, come on up.” Tony directed.

“Me go!” Jesus announced, “Me watch the riders to the south.”

Both Tony and Peter, “You take care, good luck.” Jesus was gone in a blink.

“You two are mighty young for running things.” Big gun shared.

It’s the matter of being in the wrong place at the wrong time and other people thinking what’s done is heroic.” Tony shared.

For me, I got lucky and killed two professional killers. Then your dad kind of adopted me when my dad ascended.” Peter shared, “For what it’s worth, I think what you did Tony was heroic.”

“This is my wife Barbie and I’m Ken.”

“My little sister has Ken and Barbie? How much are you worth?” Tony got serious.

Ken looked at his wife, “We are both worth five million.”

“We are both only worth one. I feel slighted.” Peter laughed.

“What’s the situation?” Ken asked.

Ken’s changing the subject felt awkward for a second.

“The riders are over there to the north. They are still coming in and we may have 6,000. We also have a thousand on the south side, but Jesus and his scouts are watching them. The army is there to the west and we estimate 20,000 of them. We don’t want to kill the army unless we must. We only want to kill their officers that are corrupted.” Peter laid it all out.

“We have 2,000 in the mission along with Jesus and his 300 scouts to the Southeast. Poncho’s Army of 4,000 is a day or two away.” Tony added, “Ken, Barbie why are you here?”

“I like to sleep at night. That may be the drug lord that I’m looking for.” Ken was pointing to the group of twelve men on horseback behind the riders, “My thinking is, if I help you guys eliminate all of the drug lords then my wife and I can go back to being retired.” Ken thought for a second, “Oh, by the way, Poncho’s Army is over 8,000 strong now.”

“Very good news. Fair enough, good shooting.” Tony gave Ken a salute.

“Tony, things are changing again.” Peter announced, “Here they come.”

It appeared that half of the riders from the north were attacking them.

Willa and Patty had just arrived, as the first tank fired off a round towards them.

Tony caught that round with his TK ability and lifted it and then turned it back and then brought it down hard aiming at the turret hatch of the tank. The entire turret lifted off the tank, “One down.” Tony took a deep breath.

One of the mortars off to the north fired. Tony pushed it straight up then straight down. It looked like the stock of supply of mortars were behind the four mortar tubes and centered. He brought it down there. The explosion shook the fort. When the dust settled all Tony and Peter could see was a big hole in the ground a half mile to the north.

Ken looked hard at Tony, “You did that? How?”

“We all have different abilities.” Tony shared, “You just witnessed one of mine.”

Willa was shooting at the men with the artillery. The first man she aimed at his head and hit below his knee. She added five clicks up on her scope. The second man she hit just below his belt. Tony winced when he saw that one. Willa added five more up clicks. She aimed at the head of the third man and hit him in the chest. Close enough.

Ken and his wife climbed the ladder to the lookout. Once he got set up, he started firing at the drug lords on the horses from left to right, “First one.” A second later, “Got him!” by Ken’s wife Barbie.

“Second one,” Barbie directed, a second later, “Got him!”

“Third one,” Barbie directed, a second later, “Got him!”

“Fourth one,” Barbie directed, a second later, “Got him!”

“Fifth one,” Barbie directed, a second later, “Got him, reload!” A few seconds were lost to the reloading of the .50 caliber rounds.

“Sixth one,” Barbie directed, a second later, “Got him!”

“Seventh one,” Barbie directed, a second later, “Got him! They are starting to move.”

“Go for the twelfth one,” Barbie directed, a second later, “Got him!”

“Oh God...” Ken said.

“Tony, Tony, Ken’s been hit. Help. Oh, dear God.”

“Willa, I can’t leave.” Tony said, “If any of those tanks fire I’ve got to be here.”

“I’ll go with you Willa,” Patty informed. The two girls quickly climbed the ladder to the lookout tower.

One look at Ken. His neck took on a stray bullet and lost, “Leave the guns, we are going to God.” The three girls and a dead Ken arrived at God. Ken went onto a table. “Jenny, help,” Willa asked as she focused on Jenny’s face.

John was over at Jenny’s drinking a cream soda, “We are running out of Cream Soda.” Jenny shared.

“Oh, I’ll have to find another reason to visit you every day,” John said matter of fact.

“In that case, I’ll tell the powers to be to order a truckload of Cream Soda.” Jenny smiled, “I love you!”

Jenny listened, “I got to go to God. Come with me.”

A while later Jenny walked over to Julie Ann (Barbie), “Your husband will be fine.”

“What do you mean, he’s dead,” Barbie stated. She was sitting in one of the Christ Ports.

“He’s going to be fine. John is just finishing up with him now.” Jenny shared, “This is God, and anything is possible here.”

“I was trying to visualize a life without him and all I got were visions of us having a baby.” Barbie asked, “Do you know when that is going to happen?”

“I’m pretty sure you need to start by talking with your man.” Jenny was rubbing her big belly and giggling.

When Adam Baker (Ken) opened his eyes all he saw was a man that looked like Santa Claus, “Who are you?”

“I’m John Taylor. Give me a few seconds to make you pretty.” John laughed.

“Where are we?” Adam (Ken) asked.

“We are with God!” John shared.

“Am I dead?” Adam asked.

“No, you were, but you are back among the living.” John shared.

“Where is Julie Ann?” Adam asked.

“She’s about thirty feet away. She has just been informed that she can have babies now.” John giggled, “She’s coming over.”

“Hey, you!” Julie Ann asked, “Feeling better?” She burst into tears as she kissed and hugged her man.

Jenny put her arm around John and stood on her toes to kiss his cheek.

“I’m glad more cream soda is coming to the pharmacy.” John shared.

“Me too!” Jenny giggled.

At the Mission

Willa and Tony were up in the lookout tower. Peter and Patty were with them. Willa was looking through the sights of the .50” caliber sniper rifle that Ken used so very well. The bullets were enormous, and Willa was trying to summon the courage to actually shoot something.

“Willa, I see maybe a drug lord. Look over there, see the man on horseback?” Tony was pointing towards the riders. Willa remembered when she was seven years old. She had run out of .22 rounds and there seem to be baby rattlesnakes everywhere. She grabbed her dad’s Remington 12 gauge 3” magnum and all the rounds her pockets could hold. She thought that gun kicked like a mule. She killed hundreds of baby rattlesnakes that day. She fired off her last round and as she turned toward the house, there was a great big momma rattlesnake all coiled up ready to come at her. She took the long barrel 12 gauge and struck a batters pose. When that big old snake uncoiled towards her, she swung with all her might and knocked it twenty yards. Willa looked at the snake and said “Folks, that is a home run!” then giggled. The next day she had a black and blue bruise on her shoulder as big as a grapefruit. She took aim and squeezed that trigger. Dam, she never felt anything like that. She was still on her feet but the kick from the round had moved her upper body from a leaning position to a standing position, over a foot. “Ouch!”

Tony had seen her move. He instantly put his hands over the affected area easing some of the pain. When the pain had gone, “Find another target guys.”

“I’ve been watching that big old tent up there. There seems to a stack of brown containers on the north side. Do you suppose that could be gasoline for the tanks?” Patty wondered.

“I’ll shoot the one on the bottom of the stack closest to the tent,” Willa informed.

Whatever it was or why it was there did not matter. A flame rose thirty feet into the air. Willa fired once more to the right and the flame doubled in height. The north end of the tent was in flames. Many people were exiting the tent on the south end. A man with a big set of binoculars was looking at Willa. She looked back at him through the scope and squeezed the trigger. The man must have had some sort of body armor on. He was thrown back about 20 feet and came to rest against a jeep. Another man ran over to the down man. He turned and made an obscene gestor to Willa. Willa thought an officer should be better mannered than that, she squeezed the trigger again.

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