A Thousand Years of Peace! Book 2 - Cover

A Thousand Years of Peace! Book 2

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Chapter 2

Day Two. November 1, 2018.

Sleep came easy for the four. Tony was seeing a fierce gun battle in his dreams when a young voice woke them up around midnight, “Amigos, Brad, and Tony. Need help now!”

“Who is it?” Tony asked in Spanish, he had just learned the night before.

“Diego sir.”

“Give us a minute.”

“Hurry. There is someone following me.”

Brad was the first to appear. Dressed in shorts, tee-shirt, and sneakers as he fastened a belt with a holster & gun around his hips. He saw Diego and could see someone with a flashlight climbing over the gate. He had an imitation Little Giant step latter.

The other three came out of the tents and were there with him. They were also arming up.

Diego spoke in Spanish to Gloria. “He says there are five men that broke into their home. They ride horses and have guns. There is also a man following me up the path.” Diego pointed to the man through the trees with the flashlight.

“How do you want to handle this?” Tony asked quietly.

“I can see that man really good. I’ll go confront him. Tony take the girls and Diego and help Poncho.” Brad whispered back.

“I want to go with you,” Gloria said.

“Okay. Tony, we will be right there as quick as we can.”

“See you soon buddy.” Tony shared.

“Diego, take our hands and close your eyes. Tony take us to the town square.” Willa stated. They were gone.

“Let’s do the same. Hang on Gloria.” Brad moved them about twenty feet ahead of the man on the path. When he got within ten feet, “What do you have in the sack?” Brad asked.

Brad and Gloria were hit with the flashlight, blinding them for a few seconds. The man had dropped the sack and pulled a small revolver from his pocket. He fired at Brad. The round hit Brad’s shield and returned catching the man in the center of his chest. The man was going to shoot Gloria next and fired again into the ground in front of him as he fell forward on his face. Brad and Gloria heard another shot from the town. Brad moved to the man, rolled him over, taking his gun and his flashlight, “Ready?”

There was another shot from the town. Gloria grabbed Brad’s hand, “Yes.”

Moments before. The boss told one of his men to kill Poncho. Jesus stepped in front of his dad.

“Kill both of them.” The man said.

Jesus stopped the first round with his shield. The man looked at his gun and then pointed and fired again. Jesus had taken a deep breath, relaxing just a bit. He sent the second round back to the man hitting him in the chest area. The man closed his eyes, dropped his gun. His knees buckled, and he fell to the floor. Everyone was stunned for a second except for Jesus, who picked up the gun and handed it to his dad.

Tony and Willa entered through the broken door. Tony stood between Maria and the man with his gun pointed at Maria and the baby. The baby was crying.

“Who are you?” The boss man asked.

“I’m Tony Taylor, we represent the New United States.”

“Pick your targets and fire men.” The boss man told his men. Four guns were fired. Four very odd expressions were seen then four thumps and knocks as bodies and guns hit the floor.

“Let’s take their belts off them. Diego, can you go get us two empty buckets please.” Brad asked. Gloria repeated in Spanish as they had gotten there just in time to watch the action.

Lorenzo entered through the broken door, “Is everybody okay?” As he saw the five men on the floor, “Woooooo!”

“Lorenzo, these men had houses. Can we put them in the fenced field?” Poncho asked, and Lorenzo nodded, “Bring their guns inside. Diego help him.”

Diego was just returning with the empty buckets, “Okay Papa.”

Tony and Brad were taking everything off the men that may be of use putting all of it into the buckets. Tony noticed the food buckets dumped on the floor of the kitchen area, “Poncho, let’s gathered up the spilled food.” Poncho frowned. “The chickens that come on Friday will love it.” Tony noticed a yellow lanyard around Poncho’s neck. He also realized Diego had a yellow lanyard around his neck.

Poncho smiled, “That they will Tony.”

“It looks like we have some people to congratulate.” Tony was eyeing the yellow lanyard around his new friend’s neck.

“Took me three tries. Diego threw twenty-seven balls before I stopped ten in a role. The whole town cheered when I did. Saved my life tonight. Diego stopped ten out of ten.” Poncho shared with pride.

“Your English is getting much better.” Tony shared, “You and your son will be awarded the blue lanyard.”

“I lived in the US for seven years from age five to twelve. All I have to do is remember.” Poncho smiled, “It is coming back slowly.”

“What are we doing with these bodies?” Maria asked. She was holding her sleepy baby boy.

Tony looked at Brad. He and Jesus were almost done picking up the food in the kitchen.

“We will take these five and the one on the hill to God. My guess is God will have us dump them into the west side of the sun.” Brad shared, “Poncho, I suggest you and Jesus come with me and Tony. Let Willa and Gloria take your wife, Diego and your daughters to God. We will meet them there, then come back.”

“Okay!” Poncho agreed.

Another man was at the door. Poncho talked with him and the man looked at the five dead men on the floor. They looked at the door and the man said he would get the door to work tonight, then come back tomorrow to fix better for the long term. Poncho agreed. He told the man, we would take the bodies away and come back shortly.

Brad looked around, all were ready. “Take a deep breath and close your eyes.”

They were transported to the west side of the sun. They were standing on what looked like a narrow scaffold with railings on each side.

“What is that?” Poncho asked as he looked at the sun.

“We believe that meets all of the definitions of hell.” Brad shared, “Who is that sixth man?”

“I think his name is also Poncho. The same as me. He went to work for one of the Drug Lords long ago.” Poncho shared. The man was the last of the six that went through the railing towards the sun and explode.

“What now?” Jesus asked. Poncho translated also wanting to know.

“We go see God for a bit. Take a deep breath and close your eyes.” Brad suggested.

When the four guys showed up at God, they were met by some very excited ladies and Diego. They were all talking at once. Maria was dragging Poncho over to God, “Put your hand on God. Ask if we are going to overcome the Drug Lords.”

Poncho’s eyes became large as he heard the answer, “Thank you, God.” Poncho looked over and saw Tony and Willa were talking to a little girl he had not met yet. He started moving in their direction when a man came up to him from behind.

“Hey Paunchy.” The man put his hand on Poncho’s shoulder, “Did you see the two eagles with the snake?”

“Gerardo,” Poncho whispered as he turned. There was his brother. He looked good, “Yes I saw your sign and understood. Thank you.”

“You are now the leader of our city and state. Can I come back as your son? I need to be born again to be able to ascend.” Gerardo shared.

“Come back as Junior?” Poncho asked.

“No, as your next son. I would like to be called Gerry again.” Maria had joined the two men while they were talking. Gerardo hugged his sister-in-law.

Poncho looked Maria in the eyes and saw a twinkle and then a smile formed on her face. Poncho faced his brother and nodded.

“Thank you. I promise I will be a good boy. Love both of you. I need to go and prepare, time is much different here. See you soon.” Gerardo gave both his brother and sister-in-law a hug, he then turned, took a few steps and disappeared.

“Tony is this place real?” Poncho asked.

“Poncho, you will learn to love to come here. I try to visit every day. Touch God ask for something you can eat with our meals tomorrow.” Tony watched as Poncho asked for a six-gallon bucket of jalapeños peppers. The label showed red, yellow, orange and green peppers. How perfect. Every time he has a doubt tomorrow, he can eat a hot pepper. Poncho looked at Tony and blushed. Tony had the feeling if Poncho was given a magic bottle with a genie in it, he would still have asked for a bucket of peppers. Tony laughed, “Now every time you question being here with God, eat a pepper.” The two friends shared a good laugh.

“My penance for doubt, is eating hot peppers?” Poncho asked as both he and Tony laughed again.

Tony took Poncho over to the Christ Ports. The girls and the kids were all there. Tony counted ten Christ Ports today. As they sat down Gaia was there climbing into Poncho’s lap.

Gaia started speaking in Spanish, “Hello everyone. I’m glad to meet you.”

“Who this, Tony?” Jesus asked in broken English leaving out the verb.

“This is my little sister Gaia. She is Mother Earth. She brings in the Thousand Years of Peace!” Tony shared, “She is going to be born in our future.”

“Hello, Gaia. I’m glad to meet you.” This came out in both English and Spanish from all the family.

Tony and Gaia were sharing information about how the others were doing in Mexico. On Wednesday Morning, Gaia expected tens of thousands of their fellow countrymen and women to be here with their town folks.

The four from Omak gave a quick look and smile at each other.

Maria asked, “What is in the bucket?” When her husband sat down. Poncho turned the bucket, 4560 so Maria could read the label and see the picture, “Oh MY!”

Gloria asked in Spanish, “Maria is there anything you would like to have?”

Maria thought for a second, “My children are happy and healthy. My husband loves me and is becoming a most interesting man.” Maria laughed as Poncho had a “Who me?” look on his face.

“Maybe some new dresses for my girls Teresa (9) and Anna (6). New shoes for the boys. Can we come back here?” Maria asked.

“Come, Maria and girls, with me.” Gloria requested, “Let Willa hold the baby.”

“We plan on bringing everyone in the village here on Wednesday morning.” Brad shared, “I’m hearing from God to bring all of those that have lanyards tomorrow. On Wednesday Morning they will help guide others.”

“The men that came tonight. Where did they come from?” Tony asked. Gaia was still on Poncho’s lap.

“There are seven Drug Lords. They all have 25 to 30 riders except for the fourth Drug Lord. He has maybe a hundred men. The five men and the other Poncho came from the fourth Drug Lord.” Poncho said with some anger. Maria and his two daughters stood before him. His face turned from anger to a smile as he looked at his wife. He lifted Gaia to her feet and stood taking his wife’s hands as his eyes told her how beautiful she was. Maria and her girls were dressed in beautiful dresses, light, but sturdy. They would be worn a lot to school, church, and other important occasions.

Maria looked up at her husband and thought, ‘He looked at me like that when we said our marriage vows over fourteen years ago.’

“I love you, Maria. I plan to love you forever.” Poncho whispered to his wife.

Gloria kissed Brad and Willa stood up and sat on Tony’s lap with the giggling little boy still in her arms.

Brad asked God for two bright blue lanyards. When Maria had taken Junior back, Brad stood up, “We would like to promote both of you, Poncho and your son Jesus in front of your family, us friends and God!” Brad started putting the blue lanyard around both of their necks, “We call this rank ‘Teacher’. In the days ahead, we will assist you in learning how to come here. The next step is the red lanyard, the transporter, then the Master with the black lanyard.

“But I skipped a step?” Poncho asked.

“You are where you are, you don’t need to go back.” Brad laughed.

Poncho bowed and made it easier for Brad to put the blue lanyard around his neck, “Thank you, Brad!”

“Jesus was all smiles.

When Poncho and Jesus both sat back down, Gaia joined the Mexican family again and gave them the understandings about transporting in their native language.

When Gaia had answered all their questions, hugs, and goodbyes were given and the group moved away from the Christ Ports by about twenty feet. Brad asked, “Can you visualize the town square?”

Gloria repeated in Spanish then continued, “Let’s all meet where Jesus stopped the ten tennis balls. Brad and I will go first.”

Gloria and Brad disappeared. Poncho took his wife’s hand. He had the bucket of Peppers in his other hand. They disappeared. Jesus, Diego, Teresa, and Anna held hands and they too disappeared. Willa was left holding Junior again. She and Tony were laughing when they showed up at the town square. The four kids were loud and excited. Poncho shssss them, “It’s the middle of the night kids.” He was laughing as he tried to quiet them, “You did really well. We all did!”

More hugs were given, and Maria took Junior. Plans were made for everyone to gather at 6:30 AM. Brad, Gloria, Tony and Willa transported to their camp, “Another cup of sleepy time tea?” Willa asked.

“That sounds wonderful honey.” Tony agreed.

Brad and Gloria both agreed also. Willa turned on one of the battery-operated camp lights. Fired up the stove and heated up some water, “Did you hear one of those cheers last night was when someone suggested Poncho to be the President of the State. Poncho said he felt Mexico would become a State of the New United States. He offered to become the County Executive and Representative to the United States. Someone made the motion, the crowd cheered. The man asked if anyone disagreed. It was silent. Maria said Poncho told the crowd, “We have a lot to learn. We need to stand together and tell those that are terrorizing our community NO. Jesus let’s see if I can stop ten tennis balls. When he did he got a bigger applause and cheer. The town square was busy until it got too dark to see.”

“This morning is going to be most interesting when Poncho and Jesus show up with blue lanyards.” Tony laughed.

“I will make an announcement of what the blue lanyards mean tomorrow morning.” Gloria shared.

“I’ve been thinking, I want everyone wearing their guns tomorrow. Actually, until the Drug Lords threat is eliminated. Let’s keep the M-16’s ready on our beds so we can grab them by transporting them to us.” Brad directed. Willa and Gloria served the tea. By 2:30 AM the four were back in bed.

At 6:00 AM a familiar voice of Jesus was heard. “Mister Brad, it is morning, can I get the lanyards?”

“Give me a minute Jesus.” Brad looked at his cellphone and realized what time it was. He kissed Gloria. He grew up on the farm and to get up at first light was normal. He put on shorts and a tee shirt along with shoes. He exited the tent to see Jesus sitting on one of the buckets. He walked away from the tents to the southern edge of the clearing. Like the tennis balls, a large box materialized, “Grab a couple of buckets.” Brad cut the top open and filled one of the buckets with yellow lanyards. He started filling the second bucket with green lanyards, “How are you testing for the green lanyard?” Brad asked.

Jesus pulled a rock the size of a tennis ball from his pocket, “We use this Mister Brad.”

“Oh my, that has to weigh two pounds. Has anybody been hit by it?” Brad hefted the round rock in his hand.

“Si, my friend Juan.” Jesus shared.

“What happened?” Brad asked.

“He on ground, hurt bad. My Teresa and I see Christ Chairs and said Lord’s Prayer and then we ask God work us. Juan okay. This for him.” Jesus was holding up a green lanyard, “He stop rock the two time.” This communication was happening from Brad’s use of Mexican and Jesus’ use of English with hand singles from both. Brad’s smile was from ear to ear. Brad finished filling up the second bucket with the green lanyards.

Jesus dropped the rock into the bucket with the green lanyards, “Mocho gracias Brad.”

“See you in a bit,” Brad said to the young man’s back as he made his way back to the village.

“What did Jesus want?” Gloria asked. She smiled when she saw that Brad was heating plenty of water for all of them to have a cup of tea to start the day.

“We promised him lanyards.” Brad pointed to the box, “Let me tell the story once. You won’t believe it.” Brad laughed.

What won’t we believe?” Tony asked as he and Willa excited their tent. Willa had a protein bar for each of them to go with their tea.

“Jesus wanted the lanyards we promised. I transported the box over there from Omak and we started by filling up a bucket with yellow lanyards then I went to fill up the second bucket with green lanyards when I stopped and asked the question of how he was testing his friends? Jesus pulled a two-pound rock out of his pocket. He told me he throws this as hard as he can at them. He said his friend Juan got hit by the rock and fell. He was hurt badly. Teresa and Jesus did a healing. Apparently, Juan got up and stopped the second rock with his shield.” Brad shared.

“I wouldn’t want to get hit anywhere by a two-pound rock.” Tony shared

“You may be right, Maria said, Jesus is the pitcher for his baseball team. Poncho thinks his son’s fastball might hit sixty mph.” Gloria laughed when both Brad and Tony grabbed their chests with pained expressions on their face. The four enjoyed the tea and their friendship looking forward to the day.

“Everybody ready?” Brad asked. When he got agreements all around, “Let’s put our weapons on and make sure our M-16’s are on our bunks.” When that was done, the four transported to the square near their box of tennis balls.

The box that held the tennis balls was empty. 12,500 tennis balls were being tossed around the square. There were hundreds of men and women among the kids. Poncho came over to the four, “Good morning.”

“Good morning Poncho!” The four shared.

“This is unbelievable.” Tony shared. Everywhere they looked, more than half the residents of José María Chetumal seemed to have yellow or green lanyards on.

“Everybody knows what happened last night.” Poncho shared, “Oh, my son Jesus reminded me to ask you for more lanyards. Some of the girls have started making lanyards out of the cowhides from the milk cows we use to have.” Poncho chuckled, “My village is alive. We will climb very high.”

“I’ll get to it.” Brad laughed and, in a minute, the big box from the campsite was placed next to the empty box that the balls had come in.

Gloria switched to Spanish, “We want to take everyone this afternoon to God who has a lanyard or is eligible for one. We also want to include all those that have been there before to act as guides. Is it possible to extend the time between two of the meals to three hours?”

“Yes. We could eat at 1:00 and then again at 4:00.” Poncho nodded as the team and Poncho watched everything going on about them.

Off to one side was two wagons being loaded up with buckets of beans and rice. Many of the men were working the distribution of the heavy buckets of food. The horses trained to be ridden did not like being attached to a wagon and were obviously uncomfortable. There was a man holding each horse talking to it.

“Poncho did the water system get purged?” Brad asked.

“Like you, I woke up to this.” Poncho pointed to the square, “I’ll have the kids purge the water system after breakfast. I did not have the heart to interrupt this training going on. Now if we can direct this energy and activity into our school.” Poncho laughed.

The four from Omak and Poncho watched as one group was returning tennis balls with their shields. The five friends laughed and turned to go to work. Poncho with his breakfast prep and the four with manifesting thousands of buckets of food to be distributed at each meal. The four went and sat on empty buckets and Teresa, Poncho and Maria’s daughter came up to the four, “Can you get some more peppers?” She asked in Spanish.

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