A Thousand Years of Peace! Book 2 - Cover

A Thousand Years of Peace! Book 2

Copyright© 2016 by A Carpenter's Son

Epilogue: Gaia’s Returns to Earth

John was working on Bert. He had been born at 9:18 PM on February 19th, 2019. So far, the little one had not shown any signs of life, “Bert, come on son, breath.” Sally and Willa were with him in the next room from where Jenny was. Teresa and Johnny and her team were just down the hall. John was on the edge of panic, “Come on Bert. Your home Bert, come to daddy.”

John looked at the time, 9:27 PM.

“No heartbeat,” Willa said very disappointedly.

“He’s not breathing daddy.” Sally shared. She obviously had tears in her eyes.

John had tried everything. He refused to have to go tell Jenny that Bert had changed his mind. He had said the Lord’s Prayer three times. He had visualized the hands of Jesus over his hands. He was amazed, bringing people back from the dead after three days was a whole lot easier than this. He was just about to give up and have someone else try something. He looked at the clock again. It was now 9:28 PM. He hears both Matt and Gaia let out their little cries of birth. At that very same exact time, he got kicked in the stomach. He looked down at a little wiggling boy with one eye open that let loose with his own cry.

“Can I go see...” Sally asked.

“Yes, go.” John was laughing. Bert now had both eyes open.

“Go see your new daughter and grandson dad. I may be adding to the diaper parade in 9 months or so.” Willa said.

John tried to move without taking a step. He almost landed on his face. He stopped and looked back at Willa, “He finally figured it out, did he?”

“He waited for me to say okay!” Willa laughed.

“He’s a good man.” John laughed again. Looked at the wiggling Bert. Shook his head and went into the next room.

Willa looked at a big yawn, “Your brother is a very good man.”

Next room. “Is he okay?” Jenny asked. She had been distracted having a baby but was aware something was not right.

“He’s as good as new!” John laughed. As he also said many things under his breath. John then kissed his wife and his daughter Gaia on the forehead.

“John, you look as bad as I feel.” Jenny giggled. Sally and Willa giggled too. Willa had wrapped up Bert and was back to trade for Gaia.

“Bert scared all of us pretty good,” Willa said as Sally nodded her head in agreement.

“John, go say hi to Johnny and Teresa. Tell them I am still a little busy!” Jenny giggled again.

“John, ask Virginia if she needs any help?” Dr. Silvia Watts asked as she continued to work on Jenny. Virginia, Nancy, and Beth had been the team for Teresa as Willa, Sally and Bobby had assisted Dr. Silvia.

The rest of the Taylor Family and friends had been in Sou’s until 9:30 then walked across the street in two feet of fresh snow. They were sitting in the 6 chairs in the waiting room or standing. Mostly standing.

“Knock, Knock?” John pushed gently on the partially open door.

“Come on dad,” Johnny called out.

“How’s the new mom and grandchild?” John asked as he hugged his son.

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