A Thousand Years of Peace! Book 2 - Cover

A Thousand Years of Peace! Book 2

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Chapter 23

The last battle for peace on earth! The next morning. John and Jenny had put Vid and his family along with his son Mesha and Demetri into the best rooms at the hotel. Mesha’s girlfriend stayed with Sally at the Taylor residence. Vid had agreed to stay three days to be in on the overall planning for bringing the Arab people to God.

Vid laid the above map of Northern Africa on the table at Sou’s. They had just finished enjoying Buffalo Steak and Eggs for breakfast. “We have around two thousand men and women in Africa now. All the land in green has been to God. Our next step is to take Western Sahara and Mauritania to God then Morocco itself.”

“I didn’t realize all of those counties were Arab.” Johnny shared.

“You are looking at an area that has as many people as either the North or South America,” John added.

Bill and Peter were sitting next to Johnny. What if we took on Somalia then Djibouti moving east to Yemen and Oman? Bill suggested, “Once that is complete, we then tackle Saudi Arabia.”

“I can see my forces moving east across Northern Africa until we reach Libya then drop down and move through Sudan entering Egypt from the South,” Vid suggested. He had a dozen of his senior men and women from his special forces at the table with him. All wore the black lanyards.

“Air support?

“A few days ago, Lockheed was ready to deliver 36 of the F-335’s.” John announced, “We can go there when we get through here. The Admiral has three Air Craft Carriers heading for that part of the world currently. We will be using two and Vid and his forces are welcome to use one.”

“The Kuznetsov Air Craft Carrier is also on its way back home from the dry docks in Hawaii. We will have it stationed just south of the Arabian Peninsula. John, who gets the 36 F-335’s?”

“I was thinking you do. They will have three coming off the assembly line every day 21 per week until the 19th of February. At that time, they are planning on moving back to a 5-day work week with 10 per week. I was thinking you would get your 160 first, then we will get our additional 100.”

“And the lease on Boris?” Vid asked.

“How about we get the 160th ship off of the assembly line and you keep Boris?” John asked, “That way, you don’t owe for mileage.” John teased.

“Even at 10 cents a mile, I’ve put millions of miles on him. It’s a deal John, I’ll keep Boris.” Vid and John had a good laugh.

“We will bring two of the carriers into the Mediterranean Sea and stage one in the Atlantic just north of Africa then ease it also into the Mediterranean as the troop’s progress in the taking of the people to God. Our plan is to have at least 40 of the F-335s on each carrier.” John looked around the table, “Gentlemen, President Pusin and I have a date to pick up some F-335s. We will be back tomorrow.”

Sou brought John a sack with something in it. John had already paid for breakfast. He left with Sam, and Mary along with two of the Marines and all twelve of the senior Russian men and women with him. Vid climbed aboard Lily with John. On board was Ben, Steve, Jesus, Sally, Willy, Luci, Chuck, and Beth. When everyone got seated, “Well Admiral Kennady, here is your first group of space cadets. What do you say, Cadets?” John asked.

“Good morning Admiral Sir!”

“Ladies and Gentlemen, when you’re President and the President of Russia are on board, you acknowledge them first.”

“Good morning Mr. President and Mr. President of Russia.” Came from all the cadets, “Thank you, Admiral!”

The two presidents became serious, “Good Morning Cadets!”

“What was the first thing you did this morning regarding this Ship?” Mary asked.

Ben looked at his fellow cadet’s then spoke, “We kicked the tires, sir.”

“What was your findings?” Mary asked.

“Sir, a bird pooped on one of the wings. We cleaned it off with a rag and warm water. The ship is ready to fly Sir! We also kicked the tires on Boris and another bird did the same thing there and we cleaned it off also, Sir!” Sally reported, “Also with a rag and warm water.”

“Cadets, I want you to remember to ask the Engineers at Lockheed today about the proper way to clean such things.” Mary instructed, “Now, I want four volunteers to fly on the Boris to Lockheed. I have instructed Mr. Demetri in the proper training of you. So, represent our program and yourself well on the trip to Lockheed.” Outside was four of the Russians that would be joining the Lily to make room on the Boris. Sally raised her hand first then led the other three volunteers to the Boris.

“Mary held her hands behind her back. Two fingers on her right and three fingers on her left, “I want each of you to choose a number between 0 and 5. I have five fingers and a number is already on my right and left hands.”

Willy got out 2 and Chuck said 3. “That leaves Beth and Lucy for the flight back. Willy, the pilot’s seat is yours.”

“Yes, Sir.” Willy giggled.

“Willy stood tall and looked at the passengers. “Seats up and belts on. Get ready! We take off!” He got into the Pilot’s seat. Lily adjusted it up for Willy. When Willy checked all his gauges he said, “Boris, this Cadet Willy. Tell me when ready. We going to fly!”

“This is Cadet Jesus. One moment please.”

“Lily, chart time, speed and...” Willy stumbled.

“Direction?” Mary suggested.

“Thanks, sir, direction to Lockheed.” Willy finished.

“Co-ordinates locked in Cadet Willy!” Lily answered.

After what seemed like forever, “This is Cadet Jesus, we will be your wingman. Proceed when you are ready.”

“Wingman?” Willy asked looking at Mary.

“That means they will follow you about 50’ behind and 50’ to our right. Boris will lock with Lily.” Mary educated. She glanced at the Russian officers and caught all of them with their mouths open.

“Good, let’s do it.” Willy said, then Lily lifted up about 20’ from the ground and took off at four gees. Vid and John looked at each other, “I guess it will be a short trip.” The two men laughed as the two gees they felt pushed them into their seats.

John made a phone call, “We are on the way.”

“Mr. President. We are ready, and my wife Karen has made some more chocolate chip cookies.” Kevin Humphreys, the President of Lockheed reported.

“We are making good time, my three-year-old son is flying today.”

Willy turned around to smile at his dad.

“Oh yes, full speed and stop. I know how they fly. They would scare the pants off my test pilot.” The two men laughed, “See you soon Mr. President.”

Lily and Boris made the 1,583-mile trip in a little over 20 minutes. As everyone exited the two ships, the consensus was they would all have to comb their hair to get the sparks out.

Vid said, “That was just a bit slower than transporting. I can hardly wait for Skut to start flying. In another year, I would like to have him come here and become a Cadet if I could? We are teaching him both Russian and English.”

“The age is 7, but presidents seem to be able to pull some rank and get an exception or two.” John smiled, “Especially if the student is ready.”

“I see Willy is wearing four stars. After hearing and seeing what he did at Montreal I agree. Your sons are all pretty incredible.” Vid said.

“God says Willy becomes the Chief of staff of the military for the world. Willy has some very special friends and I believe they will become some important people in their future. It’s been fun to watch them all. I call them Willy’s Posse. You know Skut’s future. Together they will win a lot of battles.” John smiled.

“You’re right John. To see those three little boys, all speaking different languages and yet they are still the best of friends. When do you see those three boys together again?” Vid asked.

As soon as school is out, Thiago’s father is a representative of our congress. I have invited you for a week-long summit meeting of the top 20 world leaders at that time to meet with many of our top leaders.” John shared.

“Things should be quiet then. I will be happy to come to visit.” The two men had walked from where Lily and Boris had landed to what looked like forty-two new F-335s and two ships that were 50% bigger. One had the current American Flag and one had the current Russian Flag on them, “John look, what we have here?” “John, why has the New US Government gone back to the 13 stars?” Vid asked.

“The last time we had a government under the original Constitution was in 1861. We had 36 states at that time. We have over 65 states now and God says we will soon be over 100. We looked at all of the possibilities and decided to go back to the original flag.”

“John, we did not order this, I need to clear this with our Finance Ministers.” Vid said, “What are we looking for costs?”

“One of our surprises.” John smiled as he shook his head no, “Nothing!”

“What are the features?” Vid asked, “And why nothing?”

“These two machines are 50% heavier, but they have six times the power and a much better shield with a top speed in space at around 250,000 miles per hour. They can circle the Earth at 10 miles going over 100,000 miles per hour. They also have a six-gee suppressor.”

“OOOOOuu, I like that!” Vid asked, “One for you, one for me?”

“Yes! They had them when I picked up the original 144 F-335s. They had not finished their full tests yet at that time.” John saw Kevin coming at them and waved at him, “They have four more almost ready to deliver.”

When Kevin got near, “Kevin, I introduce the President of Russia, Vid Pusin. Vid, this is the President of Lockheed Kevin Humphreys.” The two men shook hands.

“Very good to meet you, John was just telling me about this new ship. He told me about the speed, how about the cloaking and shielding?” Vid asked.

Kevin looked at John, “We have flown one to Pluto and back with shields at 100% fully cloak at 250,000 miles per hour. Yes, there is a bathroom in it and room for 23. Three pilots and 20 passengers. This thing has the Laser that the 335 has along with 4 phasor canons. It also has another more powerful energy weapon, we call it the pulse cannon that either the AI or one of the co-piolets can operate.”

“How much?” Vid asked.

“It’s paid for!” Kevin’s eyes turned to John.

“Let’s show him,” John said.

Kevin nodded then said, “This way gentlemen.”

They were about halfway to the conference room. Kevin pulled out a key to a heavy steel door. He looked both ways to make sure the hallway was empty. He opened the door; the light came on automatically. He had the two president’s move into the room, then he closed the door and locked it, “There are only 4 people that know about this, you are now #5 and #6.” Kevin went to a giant oven about 3’ wide and 3’ tall and 3’ feet deep. He opened the door, “Please look inside.” The device was empty. “Somebody has a timer?”

“I do on my phone,” John said.

“Tell me when you are ready?” Kevin stated.

“Okay!” John said, “Go!”

Kevin programmed into the box controls then hit the create button. The time seemed forever, but the bell rang at 2 minutes and 27 seconds. Kevin opened the door and brought the blue box out and set it on the counter. “This is called a monster coin box. It holds 500 ounces of gold.” He opened it and handed both John and Vid a coin tube. They both opened the coin tubes and laid out 20 ounces of Gold. The coins were perfectly done. “President Pusin, this machine created $250,000 in less than 2.5 minutes.”

“How do we run our societies when everybody has everything they want?” Vid was shaking.

“Let’s go sit down and talk,” John suggested. On the way to Kevin’s office, the three men stopped to see what was going on in the conference room. There were the eight cadets and twelve Russian Men getting a class on dogfighting with either of the F-335 or F-445 Space Ships. Kevin’s Nephew the test piolet and Mary Kennady were giving the class, “This maneuver is called the Corkscrew.” The giant TV Screen showed a happy F-335 flying along and is shot at by another ship. The happy ship does a corkscrew and within the first turn engages its cloak and disappears. The screen stops, “Where do you want to end up at?” Mary asked.

Both Luci and Willy raised their hands.

“Okay, Cadets Willy and Luci show us,” Mary said.

Willy and Luci talked for a second, then Willy held his hands together as high as he could reach on a plane flat with the table. Luci came at Willy’s hands from underneath and with her finger pointing up at the underside of Willy’s hand making a noise like a machine gun.

Mary looked at Jacob and the two tried not to laugh, “I totally agree.” Mary looked at John and he shook his head no. He did not want to disturb the class. The three men backed out and headed for Kevin’s grand office.

The three men sat in comfortable office chairs around a work table drinking bottles of orange juice.

Kevin started it off, “I think we need to license this technology and I am even willing to go so far as to suggest that the three of us sign each license. I also suggest we use these devices to fund infrastructure and our space programs.

John said aloud, “Ports, bridges, and roads. A lot of the airplanes are gone, let’s switch over to the much cleaner spaceships.”

Kevin swallowed, “We are going to need help.”

“Bring Boeing and Northrup and Russia’s airplane manufacturers into a meeting. We will be there.” John looked at Vid for his agreement.

Vid was calculating what each machine could produce, “How can we control the Replicators?” He asked.

Kevin got up and pulled out of a cabinet a one-gallon jug of a brown mixture, “Because I control this. Without this, the machine would take 96 hours to produce $250,000 worth of gold.” Kevin also placed on the table a specially designed USB drive. “This records what the machine produces and without it being plugged in, the machine does not work. Every 30 days the key needs to be plugged into our website online to download information and to be refreshed. If that does not happen then the machine stops working. It is also possible to just plug the machine into the internet and we call it up every month.”

John was also listening but doing some calculations, “Vid I would think that both you and I could use one machine each just to bring our infrastructure back. Even so, this will take ten years of work and by that time, things will need to be repaired and replaced. I’m also thinking we both need another machine just for the Space Program we have going on.” John turned to Kevin, “What were you thinking of as a License Fee?”

“The stuff in the jug costs about $1,000 a gallon and will last a day at full production. Full maintenance and replacement of the machines, I was thinking .001% of whatever the machine produces. At 24/7 the machine should produce up to 4 & 1/3 billion and use thirty gallons of the Barium Mix per month. The license fee would be $43,200 per month. For 40 hours per week, that works out to produce about 1 billion dollars a month and the fee would be $10,380.” Kevin had a prepared sheet where he had the numbers already calculated.

John got a message on his phone, “God has told us, we have reached one Billion Humans from Earth have been to see God.” John shared the message.

“One down, five to go.” Vid was all smiles, “Our children will grow up in peace.”

“Gentlemen, congregations to the both of you.” Kevin had a big smile, “Will you join me in a toast?”

Kevin got smiles and nods from both. He got up and opened a cabinet, pulling out a tray with three decanters of liquid and three shot glasses. Kevin set the tray on the table, “Gentlemen, we have Smirnoff Vodka in that one, Johnny Walker Blue Label Scotch in that one and Harper Kentucky Bourbon in this one. Help yourself, gentlemen.”

As they were all pouring their drink of taste, Vid shared the story about Willy and the Giants. John added to the story about Willy going into the bathroom while Ben and Henry Jr. stood guard. “They did not realize there were two doors into the bathroom. Two Giants followed Willy into the bathroom through the other door. Other Giants put a cloth with chloroform over the mouths of Ben and Henry putting them out. Willy was inside attending to his business when the two Giants came in. One locked the two doors and the other picked up Willy and was blowing raspberries on his neck. The raspberry Giant was about to bite into Willy’s neck and Willy read his intentions. He put up a shield behind him and the shield cut the head and arms of the Giant. Willy almost fell into the commode when the Giant dropped him and fell to the floor. The second Giant comes out of the facilities and charges Willy. Willy throws a shield at him and he goes flying back crashing into a heavy block wall. The second Giant then hits the floor hard and does not move. Willy goes over and tries the door. The lock is 5’ off the ground so he just transports to where Ben and Henry Jr. are. He’s in a room and there are Tia and the other three little girls dressed up like angels hanging from the track in the ceiling. There are Ben and Henry hanging behind the girls. All six of them are hanging from the ceiling, eyes closed and not moving. He finds a chair and he moves it over to Ben. As he climbs up on the chair a hand with a white cloth covers his face and his eyes close. Petri from the Montreal Chapter of the Minutemen and Women has moved into the fort and found the film room. He copied the video of Willy and sent it to me. He has a theory of why the Giants don’t have more children. He thinks the Giants have eaten them.” John let out a big breath.

Kevin puts his shot glass down on the table, “Are there any other Giants left anywhere?”

“A few in the castle in Montreal and a few on the moon. There are also the only two Giant children that we know of and they are in the conference room. I’ve taken them into my home. They were raised by their mother on a non-human diet. God says they will lead us to the stars. Their mother had a seer or what we call a psychic. This seer was a manmade freak. It had three eyes and the arms and legs were 1/10th the size they should have been.” John looked to Vid, “Petri took the seer to God and watched as it became one with God. Anyway, this seer told their mother of what would happen in the future. One of the things was her children would live with the humans and grow up to be space explorers.”

“We need access to Antarctica. There are several spaceships down there. I would love to have an idea of what things really need to look like.” Kevin said, “And how big. When I was there before I only had two hours to see things and I was not allowed to take pictures. So far, we have been using the F-35 frame to build our spaceships on. We don’t need wings or a host of other things. It would be nice to know how others have created solutions for what we are going to attempt.”

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