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A Thousand Years of Peace! Book 2

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Chapter 20: The Morning After

John and Jenny got to sleep the clock around. Something John did as a young man. He worked two eight hour shifts when he was 19 and during the week only got 4 hours of sleep every night. During the weekend if he got to sleep the clock around at least once then he would be fine. John was remembering all this as he almost woke up.

“Are you awake?” Jenny asked.

“No.” John yawns. “This Carbon 60 helps oxygenates the blood. I guess if I stay up 24 hours then sleep for twelve or more, I’m going to yawn.” John laughed at himself.

“John that was the most fun I’ve had in my life.” Jenny stretched as her feet hit the floor and she sat up.

“It was great seeing everybody in one place at one time. Did I tell you how many F-335s Russia wants?” John asked.

“You tried to tell me, let’s shower and we can catch up over a cup of coffee,” Jenny suggested.

“Sounds like a good plan.”

Twenty minutes later John was in the kitchen making coffee.

“Oh, you’re up,” Bobby said.

John hit the on button for the coffee maker, “We are still a bit slow today.” John was going to say in a fog, but his morning fog was gone even after the marathon he had put his body through. Professor Abbey had talked about the Carbon – 60 reversing dementia and forgetfulness. In the next instant, he had a young lady hugging him.

“Thank you. Yesterday was the best day of my life.” Bobby said this as Jenny came in.

Bobby turned and hugged Jenny. Jenny hugged the girl back and looked at John and mouthed, “Coffee?”

John smiled and nodded his head.

The coffee was done before Bobby let loose of Jenny. John filled two cups and sat at the table, “Have the kids eaten?”

“Twice,” Bobby responded.

“Shall we just do toast with some homemade Strawberry Jam?” John suggested.

“I’ll make you toast.” Bobby jumped up and went to the bread box.

“I was sharing with you on Vid’s order for the F-335s.” John took a sip of coffee, “He wants 160 of them. He took his top people around the world in Boris. He put it into cloak and they flew over Antarctica. He then flew around the moon having it in cloak on the back side then returned to Moscow. Our future Son-in-law sat in the pilot’s seat. Three hours or so.”

“I’ll never forget seeing Willy and Skut sitting in the two pilot’s seat flying Lily at 10,000 miles per hour.” John laughed, “Skut asked the questions and between Lily and Willy, Skut got his answer.”

“Who’s Skut?” Bobby asked.

“He is the 2 and a half-year-old son of President Pusin. He and Willy are best of friends.” Jenny answered.

“Oh, I saw them. And a Mexican boy?”

“Thiago. Another little boy.” Jenny answered.

The toast was done, and Bobby jumped up again, “Strawberry jam on all four pieces?”

“Can you make one peanut butter? I seem to be craving peanut butter today.”

John felt he was being watched again. Like the month or so before, he reached out and took Jenny’s hand, “I think my ride may be here.”

“Bobby, if we disappear for a while, take care of the kids, we’ll be bac...”

Bobby was in a bit of shock. She poured a half cup of coffee then poured milk into it to near full. She sat down with the plate she was going to give John.

Sally wondered in and sat down, “Where’s mom and dad?”

“They just disappeared. Your dad said something like ‘I think my ride is here.’ He reached across the table and took your mom’s hand. Your mom said to take care of the kids, we will be. And they disappeared. My real dad was never there, but he didn’t disappear in front of me.” Bobby frowned and took a bite of toast.

Sally picked up the toast with the melted peanut butter on it and took a bite, she took a swallow of black coffee, “Owwwww black coffee.” She then looked at the heavens, “Gaia, where did mom and dad go?”

“The moon people have them. They’ll be back soon.” Both girls heard Gaia.

“You can talk to Gaia?” Bobby asked, “From here?”

“Sure.” Sally said, “Have you tried the new replicator yet?”

“No, but I was thinking about making some cookies,” Bobby said.

Willy and Ben came into the kitchen and sat down. Ben helped Willy into his buster seat, “What’s going on?” Ben asked.

“The moon people pulled mom and dad to their home.” Sally replied, “Gaia says they are all right and will be back soon.” Sally pushed the plate over to Ben with a piece of toast with strawberry jam. Bobby did the same to Willy. The two boys cleaned the plates.

Alien Abduction!

Somewhere in Quebec John and Jenny ended their hijack. They ended up in a large room. The ceilings were 16’ high and the windows looked out onto a courtyard that was big enough to hold a football field. This place also had a foot of snow or more. The furniture was made for someone obviously 9 to 12 feet tall. John being a carpenter was guessing “normal furniture” positioned the height of the seat around 2 feet off the floor. He estimated the seats in this furniture was all over 3 feet off the floor or more. A very large man perhaps 11’ tall entered the room. He had red hair on his head. As Rose Canter had said, just a very big man. John noticed he did not look well, “Why did you bring us here without our permission?”

“I am the supreme authority on this planet.” The big man frowned, “Your woman is not supposed to be here.” The man came over to John and reached down and grabbed his arms in a very tight grip. He brought John up, so he could look into his eyes.

John gave the Giant a smile, “What’s your name friend?” As the Giant was frowning John visualized a big metal fist, using his TK, John hit the Giant on the chin. The Giant’s head snapped back. He shook his head and looked shocked, “LET ME GO, NOW!” John demanded, still with a smile on his face.

The Giant looked angry. John hit him again with twice the energy. The Giant released John and fell back several steps. John landed on his feet. He watched as the Giant roared like a bear and lunged at him. John formed a shield about two feet in front of him. The Giant hit the shield with hundreds of pounds of force. The Giant hit the floor hard, stunned laying on his back. John laid a shield over the Giant then added weight to it. Covering all of him except for his head.

John asked Gaia, “Where in the world is a large sword?”

“The real Excalibur is in a lake in England.” Gaia gave John the visual on the historical sword.

John closed his eyes and laid out his right hand until he jerked with the Excalibur in his hand. It was still a bit wet and in dire need to be cleaned. John thought there must be nothing worse than to be killed with a dirty sword. He turned to the Giant.

The Giant was trying to get out from under the hundreds of pounds of weight. He was truly frightened.

“Friend, I ask you again, what is your NAME?” John was mad.

“Fredishmong.” The Giant got out. With the weight on his body, he was having trouble breathing.

“You can call me, President Taylor. This is my First Lady. I will call you Fred.” John snarled, “We are the children of God. You have had a taste of my power. If you touch either my First Lady or myself again, I will hand you your head. DO YOU UNDERSTAND FRED?” John stabbed the Excalibur into the floor hitting Fred’s ear.

“Yes.” Fred squeaked out.

“Answer me with Yes Sir.”

“Yes, Sir!” Fred sounded better.

“Are you going to be nice to us?” John asked.

“Yes, Sir!”

John waited a minute, “Then treat us as very important guests Fred.” John snaps his fingers and the shield over Fred dissolved.

Fred got up and went over to a desk. John was right behind him. Fred reached into the desk drawer and pulled out a phasor. As he turned John fired his phasor at Fred. For the second time, Fred hit the floor hard. John went over and picked up Fred’s phasor and tossed it to Jenny.

“He had it on high.” Jenny shared.

John waited until Fred moved again. He kneeled so he was close to Fred’s ear, “Mr. Fred, you are evicted from this planet. Do you need help moving today?”

Fred let out a moan. Fred turned over. As he looked at John he was formulating a plan to kill him.

“Fred, I can read your mind. You are planning to kill me.” John accused.

“NO!” Fred shouted.

“Yes, you are. So, get to your feet and sit in that chair.” John pointed to a very big Lazy Boy style chair.

Fred sat up and looked around for his phasor. John hit him again on a lower setting for a few seconds, “Now Fred.”

Fred made his way over to the chair and sat down.

“John!” Jenny said.

John followed the direction that Jenny was looking. There in the entryway where Fred had shown up from was more of the Giant People.

“Are you his mate?” John asked as he saw a very large women with two children, a boy, and a girl.

With distaste, “No, he is a shoulder. I am the mate of the Supreme Leader.”

“What are you doing here?” John asked.

“We came here a long time ago, what you call three and a half million years ago on the moon. We as a species have used your species as a food source.”

Jenny stepped forward with the phasor pointing at the woman, “You mean you eat us?”

John turned towards Jenny, “I’ve heard of companies that kidnap children for a very elite clientele that do the same.”

Fred went to stand, and Jenny hit him with the phasor. He fell back into the chair moaning.

The women said with a very commanding voice, “Fredishmong, obey these people. We may have to face the crimes of our fathers.” The woman and children moved over and sat on the furniture.

“Where did you come from?” Jenny asked.

“Our history tells us, we came from another universe. It took many generations to come here. Our term generations would be about equal to your 100 years. We tend to live to be 200 to 300 of your earth years.”

“Why do your people eat us?” Jenny asked.

“We’ve always looked upon humans as animals. Much like you see cows or chickens or your buffalos. Humans also eat humans. Our supplier says the market before the earth changes had reached a hundred million dollars a year.”

“What is your name?” John asked.

“My official name has over 20 different names and many titles, but you want a name, so we can communicate, please call me Mary.” The Female Giant suggested.

“Are there others like you here on the planet?” Jenny asked.

“There used to be tens of thousands here. We have been dying off for a little over 90 years.” Mary answered, “Now there is only a few hundred on the planet. There is a few thousand still on the moon.”

“Can you go to the moon?” John asked.

“No, we have lost our last transport. We can send them food supplies from here. We are in trouble, no one wants to figure out the ways to grow food on the moon. The glass domes we had on the surface are all broken.”

“How many were there in the beginning?” Jenny asked.

“We probably had a million or more in the beginning. We colonized earth on every big land mass. That caused wars to go on everywhere. We won many battles, but humans breed much quicker than we do, and we lost all the wars. When there was only a few of us, we were hunted. We have this fort and another one like it in the City of London until the Earth Changes destroyed London.”

“How often do you meet?” John asked.

“Every full moon. Our communications functions without being detected by the common folks. Since the earth changes, we have not had much to eat these last few months.”

“You are talking about humans? You haven’t had many humans to eat?” Jenny was very focused on Mary. She was just getting comfortable in reading others.

Mary wondered if they can read her thoughts, “No, food, in general, has been very limited.” Probably would not be wise to tell them we use to transport over a thousand young humans a month to the moon before the earth changes. Now what happens is half that with a lot of older humans.

Both John and Jenny looked at each other and nodded yes.

“Fredishmong was being such a fool. The male adults of the Supreme Beings are very lazy. I guess I can’t complain, we are all sick. We don’t know what to do.” Mary sounded defeated.

I believe you are sick because the planet is moving into the 4th dimension and has been since the early 1930’s.” John shared, “The higher vibrations are making you sick.”

“Why is this not affecting humans?” Mary asked.

“We do not live as long as you do. Very few live to be 100 years or more and most of them require care by others. I was born in 1948, so I am also a part of the new age.”

“Is this happening to the galaxy?” Mary asked.

“We don’t know.” John was being truthful.

“Then we have to leave.” Mary was defeated, “My people have not grown food in or on the moon in hundreds of thousands of years. If we go into space, we are looking at our death.”

“You are able to transport us. How is that possible and yet you can’t transport to the moon?” John asked.

“My husband and three men transported to the moon over 20 years ago. He is the only one that survived. Although his leg was badly deformed. We still transport food to and gold from, to pay for that food.” Mary replied.

“When is your next gathering?” John asked.

“January 21st is the next full moon.” Jenny supplied as she looked at her smartphone.

“Then that is when we will be meeting.” Mary answered, “We use to have tens of thousands, now we are down to less than 500. Maybe a thousand bodyguards will be there too.” Mary answered.

“Sounds like a Gala Event.” John was about to throw up, “Can we join your Gala Event?”

“You wish to join us. Then we have hope. We lock the building down. We let no one in from noon to midnight without a pass. I can let you land your helicopter in the square.” Mary pointed out the windows.

“The President of Russia is a very close friend. Would it be okay for him to join us at the Gala?” John asked, “And my sons and daughters.”

“Yes, then there is hope.” Mary smiled. She too could read people’s minds but wasn’t so stupid to tell an enemy or a potential enemy. Either way, this man would die ... What am I doing? I’m thinking in his presence. Her big eyes locked onto John’s. She cleared her mind and smiled at John and his First Lady. The First Lady looked very green. Maybe she is about to deliver, “Well, then I will see you on the full moon. We dress in our finest. We meet at 6:00 PM for dinner. If you do not want to partake then come between 7:00 and 8:00 PM.” Mary looked at the very pregnant First Lady, slicing her up would make for a good show, “Until then. Do you have a way back?”

“Yes! We can transport ourselves.”

“One minute, how many passes?” Mary asked.

“Would 28 be too many?” John asked.

“No, I will get you the passes.” Mary got up and left the room.

“John looked at the boy and girl that was sitting watching them, “Have you two been to the moon?” John asked.

“No, but we have been told it is dirty and there is very little light, and it stinks.” Said the young Female Giant.

“Do you have a spaceship?” The boy asked.

“Yes, we have gone to Pluto and back.” John shared. John estimated that the two children may be six and four. The boy was as big as Ben at eleven now. The girl was as big as Sally at fifteen.

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