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A Thousand Years of Peace! Book 2

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Chapter 10

Thanksgiving. The family visits in the south.

Thursday morning the kids were up at 7:00 AM. General Henry Frank and his wife Beth along with their four kids were traveling with the Taylors today. Sam Fredrick was also there. Jenny was handing out coffee to the adults and fruit juice for the kids. Demetri was also taking a few days off and was visiting, staying in the guest room of the Frank’s. John and Vid both told him he was to report back to Vid the progress that was being made in the US. Demetri was happy to report to the Taylor family that they now had 65,000 to the level of black lanyard in Russia. The buffalos were doing well, and it looked like everyone in Russia would eat and stay warm this winter. When the Taylors heard this, they clapped and cheered. Sally would turn sixteen in March. John relaxed with the two. He could finally see the pink lines of love between Demetri and Sally. The love between the two of them was as strong as the love between Jenny and himself. The puppy was going to be taken care of until tomorrow by April. Her husband’s family was going to have a big get together at the hotel in Omak. There was another turkey dinner planned for Sunday at John’s sister’s house.

Beth had brought over three dozen chocolate glazed donates. Jenny also announced she was bringing 36 protein bars if anyone got hungry during the day.

Havana Cuba.

Havana was in the Eastern Time Zone. The Taylor party were scheduled for 10:00 AM (EST) Master Brien Soule had worked with his friend Pet to locate a hall where they could hold a hundred people celebrating a Thanksgiving Day Dinner. Not many did this outside of the US. So, Pet and his wife had plenty of time to prepare a feast for the occasion. The room had all of 100 seats full and it was close to Pet and Mesa’s restaurant, so they would be able to move the food there easily.

John and family showed up at Brien Soule’s home a few minutes after 10:00. Introductions, hugs and handshakes were made, and Brien transported everybody to the hall where the brunch would be served. John’s family was scattered around the table. Brien asked John to lead the party in a prayer. John stood, when he did that, Willy also stood up in his high chair and took his daddy’s hand. That was the trigger for all to stand and hold hands, “See yourself in front of God thanking him for this experience, for your family and friends and for the people that have put this lovely table of food together. May we see the beginnings of the Thousand Years of Peace on Earth?”

“Okay Daddy, can we eat?” Willy asked. He liked turkey and was eager to have his fill. John had been reading almost every day to Willy and Lucy. He would sit down in his big easy chair and the kids would climb on and they would follow along as he read one of their favorite books.

“Yes, let’s eat!” John and Jenny laughed as everyone joined in. It set the tone for the dinner. Johnny looked to his wife Teresa and realized he was going to experience having his own three-year old like Willy.

“Father John how are we doing?” Brien Soule asked. The table got quiet.

“God is telling me that on Christmas Day we will have more than 10% of the world visit God.” John shared, “The world will start the transition of being a happier, more loving place.”

Clapping started, and the hundred people rattled the walls with their agreement.

John continued, “The entire world will be effected by what we are doing. We will change the attitude of every boy and girl, man and women on this planet.”

Jenny added, “There are very few people dying now. Those that are leaving us are ascending.”

“So, has the number increased from the five billion that you were mentioning last summer?” General Henry Frank asked. General Frank worked as the liaison to the military in training all over the world.

“Yes, by making this world a happier and more loving place, we add one or more billion people to the ascension process.” John smiled as he shared this. There were several interpreters in the room sharing what John had stated.

“Father John, what will God do with a billion more souls that will ascend?” Asked Director Lucas O’Reilly.

“God will grow! Just like my son here, if he had an overabundance of healthy cells, he would grow that much quicker.” John responded.

Willy stood up in his highchair. He wanted down. Jenny had the handy wipes out, so John cleaned up Willy while Jenny cleaned up Lucy. John almost laughed as he looked around at all the people starring at him as he played daddy. John looked in the direction that Willy was running to. There were four big plastic storage boxes.

Last night as the family had dinner and discussed what they were going to do today the twins told John again that there were big boxes of toys upstairs. John asked all the kids if they would help him look upstairs. They all agreed so after the kitchen was cleaned up. Jenny went and took a relaxing bath while John and the family disappeared up the pull-down ladder to the attic. An hour later John and Ben were wrestling four big 12-gallon heavy plastic totes down the wobbly ladder. The other kids were dragging them off to the family room. The first box had Legos in it. All kinds of Legos and two dozen kits to build things like the Star Wars ships. The second box was full of wooden trains along with hundreds of little cars and trucks. The third box was full of plastic and wooden blocks and little houses. A lot of these must have been made by the Ledgerwood family. The fourth box was full of story books for ages 2 up to 12 years of age. The fifth box was full of stuffed animals. All the toys had been covered with plastic for protection.

John turned to Jenny, “Did you transport the toy boxes?”

“No!” Jenny giggled. She knew John was going to be shocked when he found out.

One of the twins said, “Daddy, we think Willy did.”

John got up and went over to Willy, “Willy did you bring the toys here?”

Willy stopped what he was doing and nodded, “Trouble?” As he looked to his dad.

“No. It’s okay. You play and after a while we’ll go see Tony and Willa and Peter and Patty.”

“Tony?” Willy asked. He was ready to go now.

“In an hour okay?” John asked.

“Okay, I’ll play. Then go see Tony.” Willy went back to playing.

When John sat down, “We think our three-year old just transported all of his toys here.”

There was a lot of discussion around the table about Willy and his toys. John looked to Jenny, “Life will not be dull will it.”

“No.” Jenny giggled, “Wait for Matt and Bert to learn all of Willy’s knowledge.”

John looked at Jenny and his eyes rolled up in his head and the two shared a laugh.

“Have you seen him transport before?” Sam asked.

“Yes. His puppy was outside and was barking wanting to come in. I was cooking and the next thing I see is the puppy sitting in Willy’s lap washing his face. Willy was giggling, and the puppy was so very happy.” Jenny shared.

“He’s going to have a black lanyard before he enters kindergarten.” John closed his eyes and laughed as he listed the mischief a 3 to 5-year-old might get into with that kind of power.

“Is that a green lanyard around his neck?” Sam asked. When he got nods, he asked, “Has Willy stopped a bullet?”

“Yes. I will tell you the story later. It was a little one from an Uzi.” John laughed as Sam rolled his eyes.

Sam got up, “Going to walk around, sir.”

“What are you feeling Sam?” John asked.

Sam looked around, shook his head, “Feels like we’re being watched.”

“Jenny, Sam and I are going outside for a walk.” John whispered in Jenny’s ear.

“Okay.” Jenny smiled. She too had been tuned into the feeling of “being watched!” She finally located a very small device near the ceiling and watched it move as John and Sam walked towards the door, then they disappeared.

When John and Sam finished their transport, they found a man sitting at a desk looking at the screen on a small laptop. The man turned around when he heard John clear his throat.

“Who are you?” John asked.

The man picked up a silenced pistol and fired at John. John returned the bullet to the man’s solar plexus.

“Not very talkative is he John.” Sam turned the man over, so he could find the man’s ID.

“I’ll get our host up here.” John shared.

“What?” Brien Soule asked as he appeared after transporting to the little room.

John pointed at the man.

“I’ll get my Irish friend here.” Brien informed looking troubled.

“That’s a rush.” Lucas O’Reilly shared as he also appeared inside of the little room.

“Is that one of yours?” John asked as he pointed to the man on the floor.

Lucas also checked him out talking with Sam as he did. Went through the man’s pockets. Took the shirt partially off the dead man. He stood and shook his head no, “I’ve never seen him before. It does not make any sense, he has a badge of the special police, but that tattoo looks like one of yours.”

“I know that tattoo. He’s a Navy Seal.” Sam shared.

“Could he be the boss of this project?” Lucas was going through the man’s billfold. There were 40 brand new $100 bills that he showed everyone.

“There is no Wi-Fi, but there are three camera feeds. Front door, back door.” Sam looked up, “And that one.”

The small laptop (Military grade) showed movement at the front and back doors.

Johnny and Bill showed up, “Mr. President, what is going on here?”

John pointed at the split screen showing men with guns in war garb at the front and back doors, “That!” Without warning, John felt something sitting on his shoulders, “What?”

“Hi Daddy!” Willy said.

John looked to Johnny, Bill and Sam, “Take them to God! Take all of them to God!”

“Front door.” Bill whispered.

“Back door.” Johnny also whispered.

“I’ll take this guy, on three.” Sam said just above a whisper, “One, two, three!” The three disappeared along with the Seal Team.

As soon as they realized they were with God, Johnny and Bill went to their knees and started healing the man that was dead.

“Sir, I can do that.” Sam shared.

Johnny looked up, “Sam go talk to those guys. Tear them a new asshole for me.” Johnny smiled.

Sam looked startled then when he saw Johnny’s smile, he also flashed a smile then turned stern, “Yes sir!”

Sam walked over to the Navy Seal Team, “Who are you guys?” He had his Black lanyard showing and his US Marshall’s badge in his hand.

“Sir that is classified.” One of the men came to attention as he responded.

“What was your mission?”

“Sir that too is classified.”

“Who’s the asshole on the deck that fired at President John Taylor?” Sam whispered. All could see he had fire in his eyes.

“He’s our commander sir.” Another of the men reported.

“Well Gentlemen, I am the aid to the President. Does anyone question my security clearance?” Sam snarled as he touched God.

Johnny and Bill helped the Commander to his feet, then to walk over to stand with his men. When two of the team took over helping to support their Commander, Johnny also touched God and heard. “Part of Seal Team 6 Squad C-4. The mission was to kill the leaders of Cuba. General Harris has kept the gold and silver that was sent to him to pay you. He figured he could steal the gold and silver and give you guy’s worthless greenbacks.” Johnny had the men of Seal Team 6 Squad C-4 looking at their feet. He heard the team had been part of the U.S Special Operations Command at MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, Florida.

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