Old Stuff and Memories... - Cover

Old Stuff and Memories...

by Ragnaar

Copyright© 2014 by Ragnaar

True Story: A short moment in time today. The Past came back today.

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Old Stuff and Memories. A moment in time...


My wife of 21 years let me know in no uncertain terms that we were going to clean off the top of our closet where STUFF had lain in repose for seven long years undisturbed since we moved to our Cabin on The Wapsi Pinicon River in Eastern Iowa.

I knew better than to show my dissent to this invasion of my reading time.

As the boxes and old pictures came down to my hands, I dutifully put them on the bed for further examination and disposal as she would deem necessary to further storage, display or disposal as the case might be.

I was looking at the pictures in their frames, the Tiger on Black Velvet and the Polar Bear and Wolves, I had bought in Da Nang, Vietnam in 1968, the memories started to intrude unbidden into my mind. I started to think back just a little.

I finally came to a large double cardboard sheaf sealed around the edges. I asked her what it was.

"It's that picture you'd never let me hang, you know, the one I got you right after we got married."

I vaguely remembered something, but could not remember that picture. I took a razor knife and slit the tape around the edges. I lifted the top cover from the picture and what I saw almost brought me to my knees. Pain washed over me, my tears started to flow and I was overcome with grief. I don't remember the last time I cried.

I am now almost 69 years old and the Memories are over 46 years old. I can't believe they still hurt so much.

The Picture...

As I opened the package, what I saw that had so strongly affected me was a picture of "The Wall". I have, to this day never been able to go to The Wall. This picture showed a middle aged man leaning on The Wall with his hand on a name as the emotions almost caused him to collapse, arrayed along the base of The Wall are small mementos, Flags and Flowers. Shown in the reflection of the shiny black marble are the images of several young Marines reaching toward the man and one is pressing his hand against the hand of the man sobbing brokenly against The Wall.

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