In Honour of the Heart
Chapter 1

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Isabelle's POV:

There is nothing worst than the annoying sound of Facebook ping when you are sleeping peacefully, daring your dreams to come alive from the unconscious recesses of your brilliant, restless mind. When I heard one, I was irritated. Yawning heavily, with sleepy eyes, I looked at the clock on the hotel wall. It was hardly six thirty in the morning. A little frown spread on my face. Who was so desperate to contact me at this early hour? We had slept quite late last night. I smiled at the thought of last night. I tried to cuddle Isaac, my hubby, but all I found was an empty space where he sleeps. My hair was completely messy. I tried to tuck a thick roll of my hair behind my ear. I yawned again, stretched myself and with half closed eyes, tried to grab my phone from the side table...

When I tried to move, a small hand grabbed me from the behind ... On my other side my daughter Suzan was sleeping. Her soft, wavy hair were spread on a Winnie the pooh pillow. She was still holding her Minnie Mouse ... I just kept on looking at her angelic face. The small, cherubic face looked so peaceful. Her soft, tiny lips were curved in a tender smile ... may be she was dreaming about our recent trip to Disney Land. My little moppet was the blessing that God had granted me quite late but I had no complaints. There was nothing more precious in the world than your little one's hands adorning your neck.

Suzie liked to hold me while sleeping. I slowly removed her hand in order to not wake her up. My heart filled with a love and joy at the sight of my small baby sleeping near me. At five, my girl was the cutest girl I had ever seen.

My mobile again pinged.

I was really irritated now.

Without making a noise; I half got up from the bed and picked my new mobile. Again a smile spread through my lips to my eyes ... It was a tenth wedding anniversary gift, given by my hubby just last night ... For a self - acclaimed gadget freak like me, it was not a luxury but the way of life.Isaac always took pride on my tech- savvy side and I too believe in learning new things, in order to stay in tune with the ever changing world.

As soon as I saw the name of the person sending me a message; the joy of holding my cherished gift disappeared and I looked at my phone with a frown. I must be dreaming this. I tried to rub the sleep off my eyes and read the message again. I even tried to pinch myself but ouch! It hurt so I was not dreaming. My heart skipped a beat looking at the Facebook message. With a jolt, I almost stumbled upon my bed ... It cannot be true. It was definitely a message from Ethan but why will he message me now? He had never tried to contact me since last twenty years. I had no clue at all about him all these years and I hardly heard his name from our common friends.We had lost touch since long. He was definitely on my mind at certain times in my life but I had never actually tried to find him.

A new day was beginning but was it going to be a good day for me now? By looking at the message flashing on the screen, I was quite unsure.

But now to think of it, this sudden message made me angry. There were too many questions I wanted to ask him ... Too many things I wanted to tell him and most importantly I wanted to know why he had disappeared from my life suddenly.

I tried to put the thoughts off for few hours and went in my kitchen to make a breakfast ... it was not much of a kitchen any way. Living in one of the hotels in Tokyo' had its own disadvantages too. Mainly the space! But I was not in the mood of complaining today. Any way I love Japan so much that Isaac always teases about me being Japanese in past birth!!!! He is always the laughing and joking one in our relationship. He works with GE as a finance manager. I pouted at the thought of not seeing him this morning. He had left early to attend some meeting ... A deep sigh came out from my mouth. Now I will have to wait till evening to see my hubby. How bad! Well, I poured a coffee and made some toasts quickly. Sun rays were filtering through white lace curtains making the dust fairies dance. Our room was definitely small to store things but each and every corner was filled with loving memories of my family. There in one corner, on a small table, stood my favorite vase. I gently touched the petals of the red roses which Isaac had bought last night, inhaled their sweet fragrance and a smile spread through my lips. I, Isabelle, was the happiest woman alive on this earth!

It was my wedding anniversary yesterday. We had completed ten years of togetherness and I was looking forward to spend my remaining life in his strong arms. Time was still unsuccessful in dampening our love for each other. In fact it was growing more and more with each passing year. I looked at my wedding band lovingly ... The diamonds of the platinum ring winked at me in sun light. It reminded me how much I loved my husband. Suddenly Isaac's smiling, mischievous face came in my memory and a faint blush started to cover my cheeks.

I quickly stole a glance at the mirror. My blue aquamarine eyes looked back at me sparklingly with joy. It always reminded Isaac of clear tropical seas. My long rich chocolate brown hair was shining gloriously. Light was making it golden at the tips ... age had not yet managed to touch my beauty. I was never a much of foodie and had never gained too much weight. My friends envied me my svelte figure ... I still did not look like a mother of five year old child. Now I critically looked at my oval face.Except the few wrinkles, I almost looked same as I used to look when I had seen Ethan first time ... Oh what was wrong with me? Why was I remembering him again? I did not want to give him even a little space in my mind and I was suppose to be the master of my mind, not the other way round.

"Mommy, where is my breakfast? " asked a little chubby face smiling happily at me. I welcomed the interruption and smiled back, spreading my eager arms to hug my sweet, adorable daughter. The feel of her soft, warm cuddle was heavenly. This was my personal paradise and nobody had the right to enter it without my permission.

"Mommy, I am hungry." I laughed at her impatience and with a gentle pat on her back, I sent her to bathroom.

"Mom, I love you so much!" she sang from bathroom.

"Me too my sweetie. Do not forget to brush properly. We do not want any dirty germs building a house there, do we? I am making your favorite pineapple toastie so hurry up!"

Suzan always took time for eating. Usually I was patient but today I was unwilling to endure any tantrums. My girl was well behaved but still she was like any other five year child, obedient at one moment, mischievous and stubborn at another. She was a handful to manage at times but Isaac did not mind that. Suzan had him wrapped around her little fingers. Basically, Isaac's cute, pampered daughter was a little person with her own mind.

"Hurry up sweetie. Let me help you otherwise we will be late."

I dressed her anxiously. Why was I in a hurry to be alone today? I too changed rapidly and dropped Suzan to her bus stop. We were just on time.

She went inside the bus and her little hands waved at me from the school bus window. Oh, how I loved my little girl. I was never known as the emotional woman but today that little act of love brought tears of gratitude in my eyes. I never took anything for granted, specially the love of my loved ones. I thanked God for his blessings but my mind had lost its peace since morning. What was happening to me? For God's sake, I was a thirty six years old mature woman not some sixteen year old teenager. Why was I behaving like one?

Suddenly I felt a tremor under my feet, as if the ground was shaking beneath me. It was Japan, a land of earthquake. For a minute, I panicked at the thought of my daughter being alone in the bus but when I looked at others, everybody was walking peacefully. There were no visible signs of any violent moment in earth's crust.

Was that a tremor under the land or an agitation and trepidation of my own heart?

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