Death Bringer 4 - Cover

Death Bringer 4

by jj76

Copyright© 2012 by jj76

Comedy Story: Death Bringer brings death to the door.

Tags: Humor   Violence  

I have done it! My mortal enemy is no more! After a hunt for the ages and an epic battle, the squeak beast is dead.

The saga begins just after sunup on a frigid morning when I went into the chariot cavern to visit my privy box. After carefully digging a hole in the loose earth, doing my business, and carefully covering it so that none would ever know I had passed that way, I left the box only to see the squeak beast in the open making a run for cover. Three leaps and I was upon it. I heard its battle cry and then felt its razor sharp teeth dig deep into my hand. Fearful that a second bite might sever my whole arm I sank my fangs into my foe as hard as I could, bringing death to my mortal foe.

It was over; my greatest battle to date. There was no playing with the corpse, my valiant enemy deserved better. The gods would be pleased so I set the noble body where they would be sure to find it, for I am Death Bringer and that is my purpose.

Oh Gross!

"Daddy. Wake up."

"Morning Punkin."

"Mommy stepped on a dead mouse. She says to come throw it away."

"OK. Let me sleep a bit more."

"She said, Now!"

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