Death Bringer 2

by jj76

Copyright© 2012 by jj76

Comedy Story: Death Bringer prowls at night.

Tags: Humor  

I am Death Bringer, lord of the aeries and of the seven caverns, slave of the three gods, silent creature of the dark night. This night I hunt the dwelling of the gods as they sleep. My fangs and claws are sharp and I hunger for the warm blood of mortal beings.

I watch from the aerie as the last fire goes out in the land of the hill demons. Now I can hunt the caverns. I set off. The airs is still and the ground under my feet is soft. My passage is as silent as a tomb. I make my way, watching and listening, until I come to the cavern of the two gods. It is closed to me so I move on, listening in the dark for the rustle of life. There is nothing. I move to the cavern of the Charybdis, but its swirling waters are still. Further on, past the two great halls, I find the way to the deep cavern blocked so I squeeze through the small opening that takes me to the cavern of the chariots. It was here that I battled a long-tailed squeak beast not two days before. It escaped and left me the fool, so this night I seek my revenge.

My senses are on alert as I check every detail of this cavern, but the squeak beast is nowhere to be found.

Returning to the two great halls I sense prey in a fertile hunting area that has so far eluded me. It cannot hide from my keen sense of smell; I can tell that it sits high above, in fear of me, for I am Death Bringer. My muscles bunch and I leap. The plateau it calls home has been out of my reach until now, but I am stronger than before and this night I achieve my goal.

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