Death Bringer 1

by jj76

Copyright© 2012 by jj76

Comedy Story: Did you ever wonder what goes on in their fuzzy little heads?

Tags: Humor   Violence  

I am Death Bringer, lord of the tall grass plains and the border forests, slave of the three gods, silent creature of the dark night. This day I hunt in the light. My fangs and claws are sharp and I hunger for the warm blood of mortal beings. I make my way through the border forest, hunting, ever hunting. In the distance I hear the unmistakable sounds of the unholy beast of the five hells, slavering pet of the hill demons. It is a creature so fierce that even I dare not face it. The beast is moving closer, close enough to sense me if I make a mistake, so I freeze, wait, and listen. There, it has found other quarry. It moves away quickly, baying after some unlucky being.

The forest is still this day so I move out into the tall grass. I do not have far to go before I sense movement ahead. It is one of the long-legged fairy folk whose large unblinking eyes see the slightest movement. It waits and watches in the grass ahead. I must be careful -- my stalk must be slow and cautious. Closer, closer. I shiver in anticipation. Slowly, one step at a time. Step, freeze. Step, freeze. I draw within striking distance.

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