Station 18 - Cover


Station 18

by apa maximtrz

Copyright© 2011 by apa maximtrz

: this story is dedicated to those who lost their lives on 9-11. and to all First Responders.

Tags: Workplace  

The City of Wolf's Den population 654,544 the City has 27 Fire Stations Each Station has 2 or 3 units assigned (1 engine, 1 truck, 1 Squad/ambulance, or 2 engines, and also engine/truck and Squad/ambulance. This story is dedicated to all Rescue Responders world wide. Apa Maximtrz

Truck 18 (SeaGrave QUINT)
Captain Roy Johnson Truck 18
Firefighter Helen Santiago Truck 18
Firefighter Frank Gibons Truck 18
FireFighter Dean Kelbons truck 18

Engine 18 (Pierce Pumper)
Liutenant George McCain Engine 18
Firefighter Daga Mellows Engine 18
Firefighter Bill Grant Engine 18
Firefighter Vicky Faeder Engine 18

Battalion Chief Theodore Burfoot Battalion 18 (From his view.)

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