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Natalie Discovers the Secret of Atlantis

by Grandpa's Bedtime Stories

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"That is a ridiculous question, Natalie!"

The silver-blue haired older schoolteacher was irritated at the effrontery of the question from the young student. She had been presenting this material for more years than she would want to readily admit and never had she ever heard such nonsense.

Natalie was of the opinion that her question was quite reasonable considering research she had already done convinced her of the existence of the fabled lost continent of Atlantis. In fact, she had a suspicion that the sunken city of forgotten treasure was located not far from the equally mysterious Bermuda Triangle.

"But ... but ... I only meant..."

The older woman slapped her hands together with sharp clapping noise but it was not applause, it was her time-tested way to get the student's attention and to signal an end to unwanted dialogue with uppity children. Just at that moment, the school bell rang out to inform one and all that the period was at an end and it was time for the students to scurry to the next classroom or all the way down to the gym for physical education class.

Natalie knew her next class was in the gym and she had to hustle to get there without being late. She was still shaking with anger at the silly teacher's lack of appreciation for her search for knowledge but down deep inside she realized it was only to be expected from the closed-mind oldster. She scooped up her bag with the gym shorts and shirt inside along with her new non-skid basketball shoes guaranteed not to leave marks on a highly polished wooden floor.

She quickly forgot all about her embarrassment in the classroom in her desire to get to the gym without being marked yet again for being late. Swiftly, she donned the uniform being careful to keep her sports bra in place and her underpants pulled up high as modestly as possible. Her best friend Tiffany had her shorts pulled down on the gym floor by the nasty girls from the older class right in front of the substitute teacher Mister Henderson. Sure, she had laughed just like all the others but she definitely didn't want that trick pulled on her.

Gym class was probably her most favorite class right after math because it gave her a chance to practice her rope climbing and play basketball with the other girls. She had a good time playing and exercising and she was in a much better frame of mind when she headed to the cafeteria for lunch with her two friends Tiffany and Heather. The cafeteria was crowded but they found a free table and sat down to eat and talk about everything that had happened that morning in class.

Tiffany asked her,

"Why was Mrs. Grey so upset at you this morning, Natalie?"

Natalie was just about to bite into her peanut butter and jelly sandwich, but she held off so she could explain the whole silly episode to her two friends.

"It all started because I was so interested in finding out the location of the "Lost Continent of Atlantis".

Heather interrupted her at this point to comment,

"A whole Continent got lost? How could that possibly happen, Natalie?"

Natalie waved her sandwich to emphasize her point.

"It is just a fable and might not even be true, but a lot of people believe it existed and is under one of the Oceans."

Tiffany swallowed her strawberry yogurt and added to the conversation.

"Mrs. Grey looked like she was going to have a fit because you always ask her so many questions, Natalie. You have to be the most "questions-asking girl" that I have ever met."

Natalie laughed with a deep chuckle down deep in her chest. The other girls had to giggle because it was a well-known fact.

"Well, that might be true, but it was a very simple question. I only wanted to know if she had ever heard of anyone thinking that the Continent of Atlantis was anywhere near "The Bermuda Triangle". Haven't you heard of The Bermuda Triangle? It is a place where all the airplanes and ships have disappeared never to be seen again."

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