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A young traveler was wandering through the countryside admiring the view when he came upon a Town he decided to stop and get some food; he walked into a small restaurant. After he had eaten and refreshed his supplies he walked through the town just admiring it when he stopped in from of a shop that featured an interesting painting of a Samurai. Yet this painting held a special attraction he felt him self draw by.

"Hello young man I see you have an eye for great art." An old man said

The man nearly jumped out of his skin when he heard the old man's voice. He stepped back panting trying to get his breath back as the old man chuckled at him.

"Well boy do you talk or are you mute?" the old man asked.

"y ... ye ... yes" the boy panted

"Well do you have a name or do I call you boy?" the old man asked jokingly

"Yes my name is Titus ... Titus Blitz" Titus said to the old man.

"Hmm yes well you can call me old man everyone else does" said the old man as he walk into his shop.

Titus wondered what the old man was up to when he heard him bellow out to him.

"WELL" he bellowed.

"I don't have all day boy, are you going to come in and talk with me or not!" he asked irritated at Titus.

Titus wandered into the shop puzzled at the old man but thought he just wanted a little company, even if he didn't ask Titus if he wanted to talk or not.

Titus just wandered into the shop and sat down in the chair next to the old man waiting for him to speak.

"did you notice anything in particular about that painting in the window that made you stop boy."

Titus wondered why the old man asked his name if he was just going to call him boy all the time. It's probably just his habit Titus thought. He pondered what the old man had asked him about the painting he had thought it was just it looked really good but he felt like it was telling a story.

"Well it's a really good painting and it captures the samurai perfectly yet it feels like it is telling a story, well at least to me it does." Titus said

he looked at the painting again taking another look at it when the old man hadn't responded to his answer.

It was a beautiful painting capturing a Samurai who obviously had been through many battles by just looking at the scar on his face over his eye. He just seems to radiate a sense of purity and his eye portrayed a gentle kindness over the obvious Strength his body portrayed. He was wearing a white Kimono with a red sash around his waist with his sword 's sheath in his waist as he cradle the sword against his shoulder as he stands in front of a village surrounded by many children all wanting him to play as he smiled down at them under a full moon. There was a caption under the painting it said "Samurai Of The Moon"

"you see this painting was made by a villager who had know the samurai and did this in gratitude for him protecting them and being friendly with everyone he met and never causing any trouble no matter what happened."

Titus pondered on that as he listened to the old man describe how the painting came to be.

"you see there is a story to this painting and if you will sit with me I will tell it to you.' Said the old man

I was told this story long ago by a friend of mine when I was younger, the story has been passed down generation after generation." He said

As he got comfortable in his chair sipping on some tea he told me the story of the "Samurai Of The Moon"

Let me tell you of a legend, a legend as old as time it self. This Legend is of a Samurai, but contrary to most legends of Samurai's this particular legend stands out more than any other. You see in this legend our tale doesn't begin with some great feat by a warrior in battle, No this tale starts at the very beginning of our warriors life when he was but just a boy no older than 5yrs.

You see he was an exceptionally gifted individual, in every task he set him self to do no matter how difficult it might look for a child to accomplish he was able to do it with ease. Of course our young lad knew that no matter how gifted he was there just simply were things he couldn't do, even though he knew this he was still able to do much more than other children his age.

Even though he knew he could do all the he never consciously gave any thought to it, he acted just like every other normal child even though he had this ability. All he ever wanted to do was to help his mother, he dearly loved her and wished for nothing more than to be by her side always and do what ever she needed of him. He did all this because his father left him and his mother to fend for them selves when he was only 3yrs old, so it was just his mother and him and he was just fine with that he could live for ever just like that.

But alas nothing last forever...

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