The Novice Sorceress
Chapter 6

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Good Fortune

'Good Fortune: This will naturally follow a true Practitioner of the Magical Arts. Like day follows night, fortune follows they who serve. '

Katy family was what she thought of as lower middle class. Her Dad had a very good job. He was a lawyer in a middle size town. A couple years ago, he started his own office after a disagreement with his former associate over a case. Since he did not work as much nor as late as he used too, Katy was sure he was not making as much money as he used too. That $500 dollars Mom had spent must have hit their emergency funds a good one.

So she was feeling guilty about it. The thought kept rolling in her mind. She wanted to help as it was her fault. But there is one thing, no matter if you have magic or not, that is true. It's hard, if not almost impossible, for a kid to get real money. Also, every idea that came up caused a flashing sign to appear in her mind: TRI-FOLD LAW! Money cannot just appear, it must come from somewhere. Later in life, with more experience and being an adult, it would be easier.

Then Katy accidently "discovered" a secret not mentioned in the book. She was at the mall that weekend before returning to school. Dressed to the nines, she had on her new clothes that fit, a new figure, and makeup. This makeup was put on in seconds; just a snap of her finger and the word "Makeup" and over an hour of work was done.

There in front of her, a woman was dropping her wallet into her purse while trying to balance two bags in her arms. Another person pushed past her and that nudge made her miss the purse and the wallet dropped on the floor. Katy continued walking toward the lady while the lady walked away from her wallet. Speeding up, Katy bent over to pick up the wallet.

By that time the lady was almost out of sight so she began to jog after her. "Ma'am" Katy called to her. She did not hear Katy in the noisy mall. It took a minute or two to catch up with her. Finally she heard and stopped to wait with a puzzled look on her face.

"I believe this is yours. You dropped it back there as you came out of one the stores." Katy held up the wallet.

"Oh my, aren't you the dear one. That's all my identification, my credit cards, money and personal pictures. Thank you." Then she opened the wallet and took out a ten dollar bill and handed to her.

"That's not necessary. Keep it madam." she said.

"No dear if good deeds are not rewarded then how will people know they were good deeds."With that she turned and walked away. Katy stood there with the bill in her hand. All she was doing was being a good citizen and for that she did not feel right taking a reward.

Then she saw the United Fund Donation Jar inside the store. She turned and walked straight inside dropping that ten in the container.

Later that evening as she stepped out of the Theater entrance at the mall she stumbled on the curb. Catching herself she saw something on the pavement. Reaching down she picked up what looked like a wadded up dollar bill. Unfolding it, she found 3 ten dollar bills. Katy looked around and saw nobody.

In her mind she saw that flashing sign again, "TRI-FOLD LAW".

When she got home Katy went to her room and got out that book and went straight to the section on the Tri-fold law.

It was simply stated. 'Do as you please with harm to none. What you sow will return three fold to the sower.'

She set there thinking. She had always thought about this in the negative but that was not what it said. Good or bad, what you sow will return three fold. Now that could be real bad if you out sowing evil. But what if you are sowing good? She had helped that woman with her wallet and got a reward right away. But feeling that the reward was unearned she had given it to charity. Then a few hours later what she had done in charity was returned to her three fold. She had to really think about this.

A bell rang. A shiver ran over her body as the sound slowly stopped. She looked around but there was nothing in her room that could ring. Then the light in the room dimmed. Katy looked at the light bulb. It was shining bright and had not dimmed but the total light in her room had dimmed.

Once more the bell rang. A cold shiver ran up her spine. She did not know what it was but something was not right. Katy turned the light off and went to look out her window. She looked all over the front yard and up and down the street then she saw a flash of red light. She looked up to find that light and there on the telephone pole was a black shape. As she watched it reached out until it was almost over the edge of her yard. Once again there was a flash of red light.

This time she got a good look at the shape. It was a huge vulture looking creature but the face was almost human. Katy jumped back away from the window.

Standing there staring at the curtain covered window, she found herself shaking. Calming down, she went back to the window and pulled the curtains back. Slowly, she hung them on hooks beside the window that were there just for that purpose. The shape was still there.

Instinctively she began a chant; she had no idea where it came from.

'By moonlight or starlight

The Goddess walks the night

She watches over us awake or asleep

She is the Huntress of the Night.

In her domain all must bow

Under her cloak I dwell.

From her you must run

As she calls, the Great Hunt.

Run I say, she cometh.'

Katy snapped her finger and pointed at the dark shape on the pole. The night stilled. She swore under her breath. She could feel her blood flowing through her body. The lights up and down the street went out. In the distant she heard it. A blood chilling howl echoed through the night as the Hounds were unbound.

She was scared to death. What had she done? A scream was heard faintly in the distant and then another. The dark shape jumped off the pole and fled down the dark street. Then with a rush the street was filled with more dark shapes that had the appearance of men mounted on horses and among them great hounds. They galloped down the street in the direction that the previous dark shape had run.

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