Facing Oblivion

by Thoughts Noir

Copyright© 2011 by Thoughts Noir

Action/Adventure Story: A valiant sailor is facing a brutal storm alone, and perhaps something else. Despite the steady barrage, his will to survive remains.

Tags: Horror   Supernatural   Monsters  

The small sailing craft strained against the sea beneath my punishing demands, pressed onward by the typhoon winds and my callused hands. Several hundred yards back and several dozen yards beneath the surface, moving with enough mass and momentum to alter the ocean's currents, slithered the infinite force behind my mortal fear.

Whilst climbing up a towering wall of black water I chanced a look astern, but saw only the rolling blackness of belligerent waves and turbulent skies.

Upon reaching the swell's peak, I became momentarily airborne before the ship's bow fell. My stomach lurched with vertigo and time slowed as the bow continued to descend, downward, further and further down into that cavernous mouth between the swells. I pressed myself tight against the steering column, squeezing so tight I'm sure the wood cut grooves into my arms. The instant I felt I could be no more secure the ship proved me wrong by plunging into that dark maw. A surge of deathly frigid ocean tore my feet from the deck and loosed my grip.

I rolled and tumbled, smashing my shoulder against the cabin door, and it was then I realized this pleasure craft could easily become the bludgeon to end my life.

I held on only by my fingernails, contemplating my demise, when the ship resurfaced long enough for me to secure my grasp of the wheel and that blessed column upon which it was fastened.

With a burst of thunder the rain and lightning fell, smearing the surreal landscape into one of a hellishly fantastic dream. However, my fear of the lightning and churning ocean depths were salvation compared to my fear of what undoubtedly swam beneath my feeble ship.

I climbed atop another swell and managed to remain there momentarily before what would be another maddeningly precarious descent, followed by the waves tearing at another portion of my life. I continued this routine for what felt like unreal eternities, growing weaker upon each descent, hunger abated by numbness.

I continuously looked astern for anything that would confirm my pursuer still existed. I thought several times that this was just it tormenting me, that I was no more than a fish caught on an unbreakable line. I saw nothing but the swirling darkness, and it wasn't until I had begun to doubt my sanity when fortune bestowed itself upon me.

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