Destruction Aftermath, Book 4 - Cover

Destruction Aftermath, Book 4

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Chapter 7

Power was a difficult issue. We found a power company office that was little help. Incoming power had been through transmission lines. That meant some kind of temporary, but long term, solution. We found some generators that could be used if gas could be found. Water generation was out as was solar. The water was frozen and the cloud was too heavy for power generation. We couldn't find equipment for wind and weren't sure that was a solution anyway. That took us back to some type of power generator using gs or diesel. We had to find a generator powerful enough to do the job with an adequate source of fuel.

We embarked upon a building by building search that would take days to complete. On the fourth day, we found our solution. Inside a building, we found a large generator and enough fuel for a week. It was a diesel type which gave us hope. We had found diesel seemed to last longer. Now, our search moved to more fuel and a way to transport it and the generator to our location.

When all else fails, drag it. We used the horses to drag the generator after disconnecting it along with the fuel. It took three days. On the outskirts, Jen and I found a diesel and gas distributor and found three tank trailers full. Using the horses, all three were pulled to our location. We used hoses to hook it and then wired the generator to our building. It took some work but, on the third try, it cranked and we powered up the building. With electricity, the central heating would work and there was sufficient fuel oil in the building for it to work. A few hours and some weird smells later, we had warm sleeping quarters for all. Jen and I luxuriated in a long, hot shower together. It's more fun that way as the soaping, rinsing, and all are lots more fun with your spouse helping.

Janice and Bennie bow shot a small herd of sheep that had wandered into town. With the other food we had scavenged, we had a month of supplies. We could consider an expedition. Going south was not an option. The question was really to go east or west. East had nothing for us and the snow looked to be worse that way. Also, we had come that way and supplies weren't available. Our short venture west had gone well. After a lot of talk, we agreed for Janice and Bennie to go west and scout the land. Our maps showed towns that way and they were good scouts as well as good at finding things that could be useful.

On the first of October, they left on a cold and slightly overcast day. Jen and I watched them go. Jen asked, "They will be careful, Mike?"

"Yes," I responded, "those two are the best we have. Janice can smell danger and they make good decisions. They'll be fine."

"I'll miss them."

"Me, too." We returned to the warmth of the building after they rode out of sight.

That night, they reported the road much clearer than going east or south. They had reached Glenwood Springs and had enjoyed a refreshing dip in the hot springs. Janice said, "This place is in good shape. As soon as Oliver can travel, we suggest you come here. We have found two stores that are almost untouched. There's lots of canned goods and a better hospital. Get wheels together for the trip."

M sister was gushing, a rare thing for her. I asked, "Is it really that good, Sis?"

"Probably not, the springs and the untouched nature of the town makes seem better than it actually might be."

"I will ask Doc Ollie what he thinks. We have found a couple of pickup trucks and are thinking of stealing the beds to make wagons. We found a couple of welders with tanks today so we can do something. It will take a couple of days just to get ready if Oliver's father gives the go-ahead. We'll start on the trailers tomorrow though no matter because we'll need them when we do leave."

"Come when you can. We are going to stay tomorrow and make notes. We'll leave them on the main desk of the hospital."

"okay. We will talk tomorrow night. I'm going to twenty meters to call Preservation."

"Okay, we'll listen. We're too close to hear you on twenty but should be able to hear Preservation. Janice and Bennie clear."

"Okay, we'll talk tomorrow. Mike clear and moving frequency." I shifted to twenty meters and called Preservation. "This is Mike calling Preservation. Over."

Over the speaker was Mom, "This is Preservation. Go ahead, Son."

"Mom, first all is well. Janice and Bennie went on a scouting trip west. They report conditions are better. We are going to make carts from pickup beds. The questions we have are for Doc Ollie. When can we safely move Oliver? What precautions should we take? Janice and Bennie found a better place about two days travel from here. We would like to move as soon as it's safe. Over."

"I understand, Mike. Stand by while I call Doc Ollie on two meters." After a minute, she came back and said, "He's on his way here. He was close. He wants to talk to Oliver. Can you arrange that?"

I thought a moment. "We can do that. I'll set it up." Jim was listening, nodded at me, and left the room. "Papa Jim is going to get ready. Standing by for Doc."

While it was quiet, Janice called and spoke with Mom. I could only hear Mom's side but it seemed to go well.

About ten minutes later, we were ready with a lash-up. Doc arrived and talked with Oliver. Between them, they decided that another week was needed and we would have to be careful. They agreed upon the precautions that we should take in the move.

After some discussion led by my mom, Janice and Bennie would get things more ready for a couple of days and then head back making stop off decisions for our trip. Their work would give us guides and advance preparation for later.

The week passed quickly as we worked to prepare our trailers. They weren't beautiful but very functional. We found enough tires to give a rubber tired ride on both trailers. We felt that Oliver would be able ride smoothly and we could carry plenty of provisions with us. Janice and Bennie arrived two days before we planned to leave. Bennie helped me build one more trailer for our fuel.

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