Destruction Aftermath, Book 4 - Cover

Destruction Aftermath, Book 4

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Chapter 3

We came in cautiously from the west. Janice whispered to me that they were looking south at something. She said that she and Bennie would edge that way to find out what was there.

She whispered back about ten minutes later. "I think our bad guys are coming up I-55. It's for sure someone is coming and they are worrying the folks in town. They seem to be alert to that trouble. Watch your back, Bro. They have scouts out. Bennie and I took out a pair on our way to our vantage point."

"Okay, we are going to hole up and watch. Do they have radios?"

"The ones we got didn't."

Ollie and I melted further into the woods and found a good place from which to watch that we could also defend.

We got comfortable and prepared to wait. I called our base and told them what was going on and where we were located. I suggested that they maintain a high level of alertness because there could be two parties of bad guys and we weren't sure who were the bad guys in this situation. Ollie and I watched the town folk as they prepared for trouble. It looked like a cooperative effort where people were equals with men and women working together. It could be Preservation people.

"Janice, this is Mike. I think the ones coming up from the south are the bad guys. We can see into town and they are working together just like we would in Preservation. Can you see the ones coming?"

"Yes, and I believe you are right. They have a row of naked men and women in front who are being prodded cruelly by those behind them. Oh! Some more company is coming. Back in a minute while we take care of them." A few minutes later, she came back. "I don't see them trying to cut west toward you. Why don't you and Ollie get closer and either join them or pick a place where you can provide support?"

"We'll do that. I don't think I want to go down there right this moment. Base camp, have you been copying?"

Jen said, "Yes and you be careful."

"Yes, Dear," I replied. Ollie and I moved closer to the town trying to be in an intercept position for the eventual attack if they came around this side. We settled in again to wait.

Janice came on, "They are close. The main group is coming up I-55. There are two smaller groups. One is working around to the east and the other is coming your way, Mike. There are six in your group. We are going after the east group because of our position."

Ollie had listened on his phones and heard. He was a little shocked but seemed steady. "Just watch my back," I said. He nodded. We then heard the creeping sound of men advancing. I had three arrows ready and took one and notched it. I waited for a sure shot and let fly catching the guy in the throat three inches higher than I had planned. I knew that an arrow at that distance would penetrate deeply even through bone. He thrashed and died. The rest went to ground and stayed down. I'm sure they were looking for the bowman. We moved to another tree a little closer with Ollie staying lower and looking around. I waited and, sure enough, heads came up to move toward the town. I waited and another man became a target and went down. This time, my aim was better and the arrow pierced his heart. I had readied a second arrow and winged a third man with an arrow piercing his shoulder deeply and painfully.

They left him there and continued to the town. I realized that their assignment was to cause confusion when the main body attacked as well as take out a number of the defenders. I had halved their strength but done nothing to their determination. This time, they were closer and I went for the front man. He moved up and I gut shot him. He began screaming in pain. I knew he was dying unless Oliver or someone as good could get to him quickly. The other two gagged him but the damage had been done and the town folk were watching their flank. One the remaining guys took a firing position and he was shot from town and took an arrow in the back at the same time. The last man raised his hands high and stood. "Stay where and as you are. I have you covered." He looked my way following the sound of my voice. Two men from the town saw that and realized they had help. They moved to the south side of town to fight the main body.

The fight went on until late in the afternoon. Finally, it was over. Janice had kept me informed of the battle's progress and that Bennie had disposed of the eastern attackers. I told her to stay down until after I made contact. I told her of the prisoner standing and waiting for the end of the battle.

The same two men who had seen him earlier returned. One of them was wounded but was able to manage. Ollie had kept his bow on our prisoner and I had retrieved the shoulder wound man and trussed him up after taking his pistol and knives. The unwounded defender called up the hill, "You up there with your hands up. Come down here slowly."

I called out, "I have one up here I wounded. May I bring him down to you in safety?"

"Yes, come on down. We owe you some thanks for your help."

"We're coming. There's two of us and one of them who's wounded." We rose and, taking our wounded attacker by his good arm, started down to the town. Before we got down, more people had gathered. Ollie walked beside me standing tall. We showed that we were different from the attackers by our demeanor and clothing.

The man who had called out spoke as we got close, "Who are you and where are you from?"

"My name is Mike Mathews and this is Ollie. We are from Preservation on an exploring trip. We came up old US 78 from Alabama and found a massacre up closer to the river. We traced the attackers to these guys who were attacking you. We took down the odds a bit for you. My sister and her husband are on the other side. May they come down in safety?"

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