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Destruction Aftermath, Book 4

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Chapter 15

Ted had two men to send as scouts and Jam sent two of his. They were equipped with HT's. We warned them that they were not to fight but to look. Jam emphasized that frequent reports were best. Those would make sure they didn't get out of range and keep us apprised of events. They were also told to be very careful to keep a working radio from getting into anyone's hands. Protecting the radios was their prime warning. Jam sent the four off with the admonition, "Protect the radios, stay out of trouble, and keep in touch."

During the first hour, the reports came thick and fast but nothing was seen. In the second hour, the novelty had worn off and the men slowed the reporting. In the third hour, only one man was reporting and he reported twice. At the beginning of the fourth hour when they would be stopping for lunch, we called them. Jam chewed on his two men to understand the importance of reporting in on a regular basis. Half way through the fourth hour, the limits of the HT's were reached and the scouts told stop in place. They stopped and a second party was sent out for communications. When the second party reached the three hour point, no one could then reach the first scout group.

The second group was told to assume that the first group had a mishap and stay put but hide. Jam left with ten men to provide reinforcements and fighting ability. Before he left, he talked to Ted, Jim, and I about defenses and preparations since the bad guys might be closer than we had thought.

Jam and his men left with the horses moving swiftly and were joining up with the second team in under two hours. They had not sighted anything thus far but were hidden away to ambush any oncoming scouts and keep from being ambushed themselves.

After an hour and an occasional call to the missing party, Jam called the main camp. "I want to send two good, quiet men with a radio to scout. We now know something is wrong and it's time to find out what's going on out there."

Jim responded after looking at Ted and me, "Jam, they need to be careful. We do need information but let's not lose any men. Send them out on foot and lightly armed or, better still, unarmed."

Jam chuckled over the radio. "Yes, that would make them hide and be paranoid. On foot and pistols only. After all, a radio is the most dangerous weapon of all. We'll keep you informed. Jam out."

It was getting dark when Jam called again. "My guys just called me. I don't think you can hear them. The first party met an ambush but not what we thought. It was a small group and they are headed this way with their guns and horses. There's only eight of them. One guy is staying out with one radio and the other is flanking them and giving us information. We are ready for them. It will be dark when they get here and, according to my guys, there is no good place to stop until here. He thinks they will push to here. Our people were shot from ambush and we will do the same. They should have talked. Jam out."

Jim, Ted, and I looked at each other. Jim said, "Jam's former military. He tends to take a direct approach to problems. I just hope someone is left to answer questions." We waited.

About an hour later, Jam called, "It's over. There were six men and two women. One man is alive but seriously wounded. One woman is unhurt and seemed to not be part of the attackers. We will question them separately and report. One flesh wound for our folk is all."

About ten minutes later he came back. "This was not, repeat not, part of the group that the Lavacans fought off. The man died without telling us anything. The woman, actually a girl, is the only remaining survivor of a framing family from further north. She was captured about three weeks ago when her family was wiped out. She has had a rough time as their 'plaything.' They weren't nice people. Her younger sister didn't survive the rapes. They saw our scouting group and ambushed them for their horses, food, and water. There was no thought of letting them live nor of talking. We're going to settle in for the night. My other scout is going to join the point man down the road before he beds down. If there are any questions, I am standing by."

"Jam, did anyone retrieve the radios from the first group?"

"No, but Tim and Jeff will in the morning."

"Okay," Jim said, "have a good evening."

"Roger, Jam out."

We all settled in for another night. I posted sentries using Jam's men with Janice and Bennie leading them. I didn't expect trouble but wanted warning against surprises. The water seemed to draw people. It was a different feeling.

While Jen was watching over George, I went to Jim and Ted and suggested we make some decisions regarding how we would handle a fight. They agreed since it looked like we might have one. Before we could decide anything, Jam called.

"Camp, this is Jam. Are you guys up?"

"Jam, this is Jim and we're up and moving. What news do you have?"

"Tim and Jeff just reported to me that a large party is coming toward them. They have retrieved the radios and moved the bodies out of sight. Their estimate is around a hundred for the group approaching them."

"Do they see any scouts or outriders?"

"No, it's like they think they're big enough to fight off any group around them."

"Very well, we need to talk about defense. I believe you are in a good position but would need many more people to defend it against that large a group."

"Not really. Our position is good for ambushing a smaller group but a large group would be able to take us."

"Roger. Did you see anywhere to set up good defensive positions on your way down. I would like to talk but want to be prepared." Jim said. Ted and I nodded.

"Yes, it's about an hour from you. I will call Tim and Jeff to return and we will start moving within ten minutes."

"Okay," Jim said, "we will start out from here to set up a line to talk or fight as needed."

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