Destruction Aftermath, Book 4 - Cover

Destruction Aftermath, Book 4

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Chapter 13

They came in from the northeast which was the easiest ground but gave us a good sight distance for our weapons. We concentrated our strength there and I hoped this was the only attack as the other areas were soft without help.

The attack was not well coordinated with small groups of four to six coming in without regard to safety or cover. They were not aiming but just shooting from the hip which is not real smart with a rifle from over a hundred yards. Our guys picked their targets and steadily cut them down. Not a one came over half way. We must have killed or seriously wounded twenty-five or thirty when the attacks stopped. We waited for the next wave. I spread our people out a bit to cover more ground. I was glad because a few minutes after everyone settled into their new positions, we were attacked simultaneously from three small groups. Again, they came in without regard for cover or aimed shots.

I didn't understand the thought process behind this as it wasted men and accomplished nothing. What was the theory behind this? I never did find out. There were two more attack groups that charged us and died. Going against our positions which were at least lightly dug in with blind charges didn't make sense. We had a number of alternate positions and switched around after each attack. If this was Isiah's group, I either didn't understand the tactics or there were none. The only troubling aspect was that we were trapped. We could fish and had water but getting out was not in the cards as long as they were there.

A week passed with no action. I had two guys who were competent scouts. One evening, I sent each one out with a different mission. One was sent to check on Jim's group though I had no hope for them. We had heard and seen nothing from them. The other one went out to find out if we were really trapped and to get some idea of how many people were out there. They left in the evening and were not expected back until the next evening or later. Coming to us in the day was not smart.

The next evening, the scout that was checking on Jim and his men returned. Jim and his party were wiped out and it had been fast. They had been left where they died but their guns and trucks were gone. Our guy never found out who hit them nor did he find anyone all the way to the outskirts of Yuma. He was exhausted from his traveling. He slept the next day through.

That evening, our other scout came in. He had found Isaiah's group. He described the camp as big but with little organization. He estimated that there were over three hundred men and many women. It appeared to him that the women were mistreated or at least treated callously. He said most slept on the ground and there were no sentries that he found. Isaiah had a nice tent and seemed to be a bearded, white-haired guy wearing a robe. He was leading them in a strange manner. Ed, our guy, said he spoke in a singsong voice that was mesmerizing to hear. Ed said that he was attracted to the sound but, later, couldn't remember what was said. He said it was scary and he didn't want to keep hearing that voice.

Ed also said that this wasn't a siege in the normal meaning of the term. He saw and encountered no sentries or groups out to stop us from moving. There was just the big camp of armed men. I realized that we would have to wait them out or fight. There were too many to avoid and having them on our trail was not a good idea. We had a good position and wouldn't if we were on the move.

I called Ed and a few others together to talk over our situation. "Guys, I think we need to consider an offensive operation. We can defend here for a long time but having those people staying that close waiting for an opportunity to attack us is not good. However, I don't think we could leave without their knowledge. I really don't want to fight a running battle with them. What are your thoughts?"

Ed was first to speak, "I think an attack is our only option. They can't beat us with our position and, you're right, we can't get away without their knowledge. I think we have to consider ways and means rather than whether or not."

The other guys nodded. No one was happy with the idea as we didn't want to kill but that was not really the choice here. I said, "Okay, your opinions seem to match mine. How do we go about a successful attack or attacks and minimize our losses?"

Ed said, "I think a sniper might be able to kill Isaiah. Without him, either they disband or will attack crazed from his death. We just have to make sure we kill him and not wound him. Either of those situations would be better than planning an attack."

One of the others said, "Ed, you've been there. How close can we get and who is the best shot?"

Ed said, "I guess Bill and I are the best distance shooters. Bill was training to be a sniper before the Day, I believe."

"Okay," I said, "we need to plan for a defense if we are successful and, particularly, if we aren't. They will attack like before but probably with more at a time. Can we prevent them from overrunning us?"

Ed said, "Yes, but it will be messy." The others looked at him questioningly. "I found some dynamite in one of the offices with blasting caps and electrical connectors. We will have to figure them out some but it will give us a means of blowing some of them away before they can get to us."

Everyone agreed that the methods would work better than anything else anyone could imagine. The only questions were killing Isaiah and setting the dynamite charges. We started our physical preparations and Ed talked with Bill. They would work together as snipers. They expanded the shooting group to include any of the men who seemed to closely accompany Isaiah. While we set our defense and the dynamite, Ed and Bill went out to pick their spots for sniping (if that's the correct term). We were in no hurry so took a week to get ready. Ed was right. Blowing them up was going to be messy. I just hoped it would be effective.

Ed and Bill left our camp before dawn to get into place. They would shoot and we would wait for an attack. Their job was to shoot Isaiah and as many others around him as possible and fade back avoiding contact as best as they could.

It was mid morning when we heard the shots. Ed and Bill peppered the area it sounded to me. We never heard a different sounding shot. Then the shooting stopped and we waited. We didn't know when or even if there would be an attack. In mid afternoon, Bill came in to report. Shooting Isaiah had been accomplished and a number of his senior men were shot, some killed and some wounded. Ed was hanging back to watch for any reaction. Bill said that when he left they were milling around aimlessly.

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