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Demons Slain

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Chapter 9

After that first night together, Millie was quite happy to spend all her nights with me, not caring if other guests would look askance when the receptionist happily kissed another guest. Angela constantly wore a rather superior expression as if she was the shaker and moulder of this romance. Millie was back at work now and I missed her as I visited places of interest that I had never had the time to appreciate before. She would join me for dinner in the evenings and I would tell her of where I had been, what I had seen and she listened wistfully.

"I wish that I could be with you Darling." was a frequent complaint of hers. I was also mournful as visiting these places without the one who now had more importance in my life than any other halved the joy. I also gave a lot of thought to a future. Millie had stated without quibble that she would be with me wherever I lived, but I knew her heart would be sad to leave Devon. She had been born just a few miles away from Tavistock and was Devon through and through. I was thinking seriously. Most of my work was in the south of England; only rarely did I travel to the North; and the business was located close to Gloucester. It would not be too much of an inconvenience for us to find somewhere to live in Devon, possibly Tavistock or surroundings. I broached the subject with Millie one evening when we were in bed. For a while she was speechless then she found her tongue.

"You would do that, for me?"

"It would be for us, Millie. For us and our children. Where better for them to grow up than in Devon? Clean air, great countryside, you can't beat that."

"Just a little something. You mentioned children?"



"Yes." She smiled.

"Well in that case we had better get started. I would like to have them before I am forty. Oh! Should we get married first?"

"Now that's a good idea."

"Well you haven't proposed yet." I got out of bed and walked round to her side naked as the day I was born, and then went on one knee. She was giggling. I was trying to keep a straight face. "Millie. I love you, I cannot think of life without you. Will you marry me?" She leaned out of bed, her lovely breasts jiggling, and she kissed me.

"Yes, yes, yes, and again yes. And if you didn't understand my reply it is yes, affirmative. Now get back into bed and let's start on these babies you talked about."

We couldn't actually start on the babies as Millie was still on the pill. She ceremoniously flushed them down the toilet the next morning. I would be leaving the morning after so our last night together was very special. She had got over her inhibition of walking around in the nude and now seemed to positively enjoy it, teasing me and of course arousing me. Once that had happened, the result was a foregone conclusion. She revelled in the freedom to express her sexuality. It would appear that Allan would not allow her to be on top, he believed it eroded his dominant position as the man. I didn't have that problem and Millie once she was confident would happily take charge, often leaning back, her hands lifting her hair and presenting me with her beautiful hard tipped breasts for my pleasure.

The night before I left we lay side by side, perspiration dotting our bodies and panting as we talked. Millie's first question was.

"When will you be back?

"Next weekend. We'll start looking for somewhere to live." She got up on one elbow, her breast caressing my arm.

"You mean it then." I looked at her in surprise.

"Yes. I mean it. Millie, I love you, I want you with me, now, next week, next year for the rest of our lives. You! Only you. Your hand in mine forever." She sank down, clasping me, our bodies, slick with perspiration and our effusions slipping together.

"I'm your woman, Greg. Your very loving woman."

We parted in the morning, Millie to her work in the hotel, and I returned to my work in Gloucester. The following weekend I was back in Tavistock. Millie welcomed me very satisfactorily and on the Saturday we drove up to the village where she had grown up.

"Can I introduce you to my sister?" She asked. It would appear that her parents had been antagonistic when Millie had divorced her husband. Their opinion was that marriage was for life whatever the beatings she endured. Consequently she hadn't spoken to them since that time. Her sister Alison however had supported her throughout.

"Of course, I would love to meet her."

It was obvious they were sisters, the same colouring and features. The main difference apart from age as Alison was three years younger was Alison being built on much sturdier lines. She was delighted. Primarily that Millie had found happiness again.

"I wondered who was putting the smile back on Millie's face, so it's very good to meet you Greg."

"It's good to meet you as well Alison." This being England and more importantly the West Country, tea was produced quickly. Alison efficiently discovered my past and how I earned a living and seemed satisfied with the answers. Then she cried tears of happiness when Millie told her that we would be married.

"Oh Millie, that's the best news I have heard since you divorced that bastard of a husband." Her joy was tempered as she thought further. "I suppose you will be moving away then?"

Millie shook her head. "No. Greg says that we should look for a place possibly around Crediton or Tiverton. His office is in Gloucester so either place would be better for getting to the motorway." Alison turned to me with an enquiry.

"Why would you do that, Greg? It's an awful long drive every day."

"I don't go to the office every day, Alison. I travel all over the south of England. In addition I love this area and I wouldn't want to take Millie away from her roots."

"He doesn't mention the children." Millie remarked dryly. "I'm expected to produce at least two. Not that I am complaining though. The thought of having Greg's babies fills me with pleasure."

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