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Esopus Creek Stash

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Chapter 2

Milo drove the Vantare Platinum Plus RV out of the dealership in Buffalo, NY. It was a triple slide Prevost conversion. The entry steps were made of Inca marble and the stair risers were of hand-made glass tile which was embedded with copper. Its ceiling and AV cabinet were covered with Italian leather and the dashboard was fine mahogany. It had a salon which had a sofa, liquor cabinet with crystal glasses and a desk with a laptop. It also had a gallery containing Sub-Zero appliances and a room with a Plasma TV and a king bed. The coolest feature of this luxury RV was that it had a sports car garage under the deck, where he put his completely restored 1944 Jeep. The motorhome cost $2.5 million.

Who was counting money when all was done; even the single winner of the supper lottery turned her head when she found out about the $250,000,000.00 Milo cleared after taxes from the safe.

Milo did not realize how money brought the women out of the woodwork. Every woman in the world was after him. He had made one mistake in his life by letting a woman use him and swore it would not happen again.

He bought 150 tiny wireless surveillance camcorders the size of pencil erasers designed to be hidden. He even hid ten on the motorhome inside and out, and his Jeep.

Now he could pursue his business any way he wanted to

Milo sat in the Waffle House drinking coffee and waiting for his breakfast to arrive at 9:00 in the morning. He could overhear the waitress and her co-worker talking, "Wendy, how are you doing? I feel so bad for you, but I don't know what I can do to make it better. You are holding up remarkably well. I am amazed at your stamina. You lost your husband in a terrorist attack and Obama wants to call it an overseas contingency operation," her co-worker said.

"The kids and I will make it okay. I just need someone to come along and buy our house or take over the payments before my credit goes bad. Thank you for your concern." Wendy answered.

"How much do you owe on it?" her girlfriend asked.

"$135,000.00. I don't how, but I know if I give it to God like I have with the loss of Carl, somehow He will answer my prayer." Wendy answered.

That was all Milo needed to hear. He had made a vow to find people who were in trouble and were not looking for a handout. He had a chance now to do something.

When Wendy brought his meal, he asked, "What is your last name, Wendy?"

"Morgan. How did you know my first name?" Wendy asked skeptically.

"That is easy. You said, May I help you? My name is Wendy." Milo answered.

"I am so sorry. I did not even realize that." Wendy said.

Milo saw his chance. When he came through town, he saw The Bank of America and asked, "Is the Bank of America the only bank in town?"

"Yes, unfortunately." Wendy said.

"I need to go to the bank. Is it reliable?" asked Milo.

"Well, besides trying to foreclose on my property without mercy with extenuating circumstances!" Wendy exclaimed.

"Thank you for the food, Wendy." Milo said, to cut off the talk before she could say anything else about the bank.

Milo thought while he ate. He looked out the window at the parking lot. Two cars were parked off to the side away from the building. They would be the employees. There were only two, both in need of repair.

Wendy would not see his motorhome. It was at the State park. He was in his trusty 1944 Jeep though it was completely restored to its original state, except for the six hundred horse power Hemi V8 engine. When she brought his bill she said, "I love your Jeep. There is one in my backyard. I have it on Craig's list. It will bring a little money to help me pay some bills, but I would love to fix it up like yours. It was my husband's." she said sadly.

"Do me a favor and don't sell it today. I have a buddy that might be interested in it." Milo answered.

"Okay. Let me know by tomorrow. I will hold it that long." Wendy answered.

Her cell phone went off and she looked at it and frowned. "It is the bank president now. He won't leave me alone. He calls at 9:30 sharp every morning. I am not going to answer it. His name is Bill Gates and you know who he thinks he is."

"Do me a favor and put it on the speaker phone. I want to hear what he has to say." Milo asked.

"Okay. You asked for it. He calls every morning at this time." Wendy said as she pushed the speaker and said, "Hello, Mr. Gates. Would you please not call me at work? I could lose my job."

"Wendy, you know I can help you to not work again if you will only accept my offer." Bill said.

"I will not marry you and become your sex slave. Goodbye, and don't call again!" Wendy shouted in the phone and was shaking when she hung up.

"He is a real jerk, and I have no choice but to face him today." Milo tried to sound sad about facing the man.

"I wish you luck then." Wendy said.

"Thank you," Milo paid his bill and left her appropriate tip in cash. He did not want her to know it was him that did what he was about to do.

He called the bank manager of his Bank of America in Buffalo. "Howard, if I run into a Bank of America branch manager that is manipulating his customers by blackmailing them to try to get them in bed, what do I do?"

"I love this one. Write down this number. 1-999-999-9999. I will call Betty and let her know who you are and that you will call. Go to the receptionist. Have her to all the number from her desk, then when the tone sounds, have her push the number of the person you want Betty to call. Betty will call the number and then you will be amazed at what happens. Just use her first name when you talk to her, like you have known her for years." Howard said. Milo could hear him giggling when he hung up the phone.

He walked into the Bank of America, to the lady working as the receptionist. She was a woman of total class. She was dressed in a dress suit that reeked under-paid and under-rated. Milo asked for the branch manager. He was told he would have to make an appointment. Milo looked through the window and saw that no one was in the room with Bill. He had both feet propped on the desk talking on his cell phone.

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