Ruffy and Me - Cover


Ruffy and Me

by maypop

Copyright© 2015 by maypop

Western Story: Can we survive in trouble times

Tags: Coming of Age   Western   Young Adult  

Chapter Titles


Chapter 1 Daydreaming

Chapter 2 The Shooting

Chapter 3 The Swearing In

Chapter 4 The Assignment

Chapter 5 Surprised

Chapter 6 Down for the Count

Chapter 7 The Trip

Chapter 8 Bushwhacked

Chapter 9 The Promotion

Chapter 10 The Kidnapping

Chapter 11 The Diversion


All my life I have possessed the desire to write but never acted on that desire. Recently, I attended a men's Bible study led by my pastor. In that Bible study, he brought out the fact that our children do not have any good, wholesome books that they can read. There are no books that can serve as a role model for them.

This prompted me to write this book. I want to give them excitement, while giving them the proper guidance that would help them to grow up following Jesus Christ.

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