Gone Fishin' - Cover

Gone Fishin'

Copyright© 2010 by Pedant

Chapter 13

The laundry was done, folded, put away. I was awaiting Weena, for "the exchange of joy / That one short minute gives me in her sight." Two months and I was still in Romeo and Juliet. It was amazing. Those few days in Laverton. Ten days in the Territory. It had been so easy in Canberra. Now everything was more complex. I looked at my watch. Just past six. Weena was most likely on her way.

I thought about dinner. We'd really been over-eating this week. I had started to get the left-over salads out when the phone rang.


"Gordy, this is Chaz."

"Chaz. Chuck. Charlie."

"Right. You should have told me you preferred Chaz."

"I thought I'd wait till Charlie was gone and the confusion reduced. Anyway, thanks for yesterday. We both really enjoyed it. Michiko is still raving about Weena. Did you see Dr. Friedel today?"

"Er. Why?"

"I'll take that as yes. I just had a call from Kevin. He said my name had come up and wanted to know whether he could put my name forward to move from acting."

"Sounds good. What did you tell him?"

"Are you bonkers? I said yes. He asked if I knew you. and I said that we'd met."

"True enough."

"He said that if it's approved I'd move up one grade!"

"I bet you and Michiko can use the extra dosh."

"Dam' true. But back to my query. Did you mention me to the good doctor?"

"Your name did come up."

"You bastard! And you didn't call to warn me."

"She was off to give a talk. I didn't think she'd act right away."

"Okay. Okay. I'll let you off. Can you tell me anything else?"

"Not today; not over the phone. Can we meet for lunch tomorrow? Not too dear."

"I'll call you in the morning. Will you be in your office?"

"Of course. I need to work for a living."

"Great. And thanks."

"Oh, right. My magical powers. Go off and tell Michiko the news."

"Will do. I'll phone tomorrow."

"Bye." Maggie really did act fast. Of course, she might have phoned on her mobile and made her suggestions to Kevin. I went back to the salad stuff. I also set the table in the kitchen.

Weena had her question ready as she came in: "Well?"

"Quite well, I think. But first, do you want to change?"

"Yes. I see you thought about dinner."

"Salads and perhaps a bit of wine. I feel weighted down by this past week."

"Race you upstairs, then." And she started upstairs.

I helped her out of her uniform, so it was half an hour later that we got back downstairs. We ended up with two green salads, potato salad and a glass each of the Viognier – which killed the bottle. I asked Weena about getting Maddy and Charlie to the airport and onto their flight. Everything had gone well.

"Now you."

I narrated as much as possible about Maggie's visit. I tried to be verbatim, but that just wasn't my way. Weena was quiet through the whole thing.

"So you're going to be the head honcho..."

"Eventually. If everything works out."

"Oh, I'm sure it will. I had faith in your abilities and strength back in Laverton. And I love you most because you're insecure about it."


The phone rang. "Hello. This is Weena."

"No, Michiko. He hasn't said anything ... Oh, that's Gordy. Confidential's confidential ... Next Saturday? You mean the day after tomorrow? Oh, I'm sure. Why don't I call you tomorrow ... about this time? ... Fine. I'll try to find out now ... Bye."

"Alright. So there's another story, too."

"I didn't think it was mine to tell."

"Spill it."

"Maggie asked if I'd met Charles Eyre. I said yes. She was just going to tell Kevin to put that facility under my supervision. I said no, they should make Chaz – he told me he prefers Chaz – permanent and jack him up a pay grade; then they could make me Chaz's supervisor."

"And... ?"

"And she made a note in her little book and left a few minutes later. She was giving a luncheon talk. But about an hour before you got home Chaz called. Apparently Kevin had called him. Kevin's going to suggest it to the CSIRO directorate. Maggie must have phoned Kevin on her mobile after she left me. Quick work."

"That's because she knows what she wants. Smart lady. What's next?"

"Well, I thought we could leave the dishes in the sink and go back upstairs..."

"Idiot! What will happen to you and to Chaz next?"

"To me? Nothing for a few months, I hope. I'm lunching with Chaz tomorrow, so I may get a clue from him. And from what I overheard, Michiko wants revenge on Saturday. Now, can we clear the dishes? Then I want to shower. If you wish, you can join me." I grinned. Weena punched my shoulder. We cleared the table, left the dishes and silverware in the sink and went upstairs.

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