I Can't Blame It on Drugs or Alcohol!!

by gwaithdu

Copyright© 2010 by gwaithdu

Poem Story: One night in the 60s I sat down and did something I had never done before - I sat down and wrote some poetry! So for better or worse - here it is.

Tags: Humor  


The stars were brightly gleaming,
The moon was nearly full,
As I lay lightly dreaming,
I felt an eerie pull.

I lifted off the bed and flew,
Out of the window wide,
I drifted on and then I knew,

My joy I couldn't hide.
As by my side, sweet as a dove,
O''er mountain, vale, and sea,
I could see my Dearest Love

Had come to fly with me.
We wandered here, we wandered there,
So far that it would seem
It was a pity I could not share

With you this magic dream.
Because of this as I awoke,
I reached out for a pen,
Out of the night a dear voice spoke,

"When do we fly again?"
My Own True Love
The birds above were full of song,
the woodland perfumes sweet,

As I made my way along
And up the hillside steep.
It was to see my own true love
That I had traveled far;

To hear her call, 'neath leaves above,
The sound I love to hear.
To hear the whispers sweet and low,
The sparkle in her eyes,

The leaves that rested on her brow,
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