Day Care - Cover

Day Care

by Jerome Norris

Copyright© 2010 by Jerome Norris

Flash Story: For a working couple, Day Care is a necessity and a lifesaver. But sometimes just getting there can be a trial.

Tags: Drama  

"Look, Cynthia, I know it's my turn to take him, but I just can't. Not this morning. I'll make it up to you, I promise. I'll take him the rest of the week. But I've got this meeting. I didn't even know about it until Max called last night. But I've gotta be there for it."

"All right. But you owe me, big-time. I wasn't planning on this, and now I'll be late for work. But that's okay. We all know that your job is more important than my job."

"Cyn, you know I don't feel that way! Now please — don't lay a guilt trip on me about this. Just take him this morning, and I'll get the next three days absolutely without fail. Without fail — no question."

"All right, Burt. All right. You go on now. Just go. I'll take care of it."

"How about your green sweater today? Okay, David? Where is it? No — wait. It's in the washing. The blue one, then. How about this? Doesn't that look nice?"

"Is it cold out?"

"Cold? No. I don't think so. But you might need the sweater. It gets cold there, sometimes, in that building. Doesn'tt it? You told me it did. The sweater will be good. You can take it off if you get too warm. Just try not to forget it when you come out this afternoon. Okay?"

"Are you gonna be there, when I come out?"

"No. You remember — I have to work until later than that. But Mrs. Scripps will be there to pick you up — just like always. So don't worry. And she'll stay right here with you until I get home. It'll be fine, David, you'll see! You like Mrs. Scripps."

"I like Mrs. Scripps."

"Yes. She's always very nice to you, isn't she?"

"What if she's not there, when I get out?"

"What if she... ? She will be there. Don't worry. She'll be there."

"She wasn't there, that time."

"But that was because her car wouldn't start, remember? And she got a ride from a neighbor lady, and she was there to get you, just a little bit late. Wasn't she? And it was all right, wasn't it?"

"I don't remember. She was late — that time."

"Well, she won't be late today. Don't you worry. And I'll be home on time tonight too. And everything will be fine!"

"Will you make pork chops?"

"For dinner? Sure. Sure, I'll make pork chops. But come on now David, we've got to go or we'll be late. Have you got everything?"


"Good. Okay, let's get going. I'll get the door. You go ahead. Go ahead and get in the car."


"Good. Now, don't forget about your seat belt. Good! That's the way!"

"I have to pee."

"Now? We're late, David. Can't you wait until we get there? Then Mrs. Barstow can help you."

"No! I have to go now!"

"All right. We'll go back in. Take the seat belt off. Come on, I'll help you."

"I think I have to do — the other, too."

"All right. But we're late, David. Please try to hurry a little bit."


"Oh! Come quick. Hurry!"

"What is it? Are you ready now David?"

"Oh. I think I got some on my pants."

"Let me see. Oh my ... All right, let's get them off and I'll help you clean up, and get you some other pants. That's okay. Don't worry, it'll be fine. Just stand right there. No — wait! Stand up. No! Don't sit back down in it! Hold my shoulder. Lift your foot. That's right. No — wait! Just stand right there, please David! And I'll get a rag and clean you up, and then you'll be fine. Don't move! Wait a minute David, please."

"It feels all icky!"

"I know Sweetheart, but it'll be okay in a minute. Just hold on for a minute. Just — wait — there. Now then. That's better, isn't it? Now you're all clean again. Here, help me get these on your feet. That's it. No, don't sit down there! I haven't cleaned the seat yet."

"Is it okay?"

"Yes. It's okay. That's it. Your shirt and sweater are fine. They're fine. Okay, now wash your hands real good. Good. All right, let's hurry."

"Will you be there when I come out?"

"No, David. Mrs. Scripps will be there. Remember?"

"I like Mrs. Scripps."

"Yes. You do. I know you do."

"But — when you get home, can we have pork chops?"

"Yes. That's what we'll do. Tonight. We'll have pork chops."

"Where is the other car?"


"The big one. Green car."

"Burt's car, you mean?"


"You remember, David: Burt. Burt's car is the green car. Remember? My husband, Burt? You remember him, don't you? Burt's your son, David — you remember."

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