The Magic Box
Chapter 2

Copyright© 2010 by Uncle Sky

And so it came to pass that She and Small spent much time together. They kept using the magic boxes but also used land lines to spend much time talking and sharing their lives, hopes and dreams.

Soon the holiday season was upon them. They and all their friends had many good times together but She and Small had the best times alone together. Christmas came and went. New Years Eve arrived. There was much celebrating in the family room.

A friend suggested that She and Small spend the evening on the beach and showed them a place. There were many good natured jokes about the special place. The evening drew close and plans were made.

As the evening progressed there was much music and everyone sending out good wishes over the magic boxes to their friends in the family room. Those who watched the room but did not speak were invited to do so and join the fun. Passers by were invited to stop and join the fun. Even those who were thought to be enemies were sent good wishes.

The wise man watched and smiled. This was good. But he saw something not all there saw. Something special was going to happen besides the coming of the new year.

The party went on for hours. Then it came. A message in the family room from Small to She.

"To all in the room I ask attention. I Small Hot Water ask She Who Is Not Seen to become my life partner. To be my wife and share the joy of life together with me."

There was a hush in the room. The wise man smiled. This was good. There were a few comments but the party continued as they waited for She to respond. The clock ticked as the wise man waited for what he knew would be the answer Small wanted. Then as the hour approached to start the new year, it came. A message on the magic box from She.

"I, She Who Is Not Seen, say to you, Small Hot Water, that I accept this honor you have offered me. I will join you in the celebration of life together. We will show the world the meaning of joy as we travel the path to happiness together as one."

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