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Sarah's Love

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Chapter 49

Cathy comes on Friday and is still overjoyed about the news. She heard about it as soon as Christopher got out to the car and called her, but she is saddened that Hannah is not already with them.

"I wish I did not have to leave until after I have Hannah. I mean it is only three days."

"I know, but they need you to look over the ghost town to make sure it is what you had envisioned. They are already there, and every extra day costs money. Just come out for Monday and half of Tuesday then you can fly back here Tuesday night, get Hannah Wednesday, and then the two of you can be back to Arizona for Thursday."

"It is going to break Sarah's heart to be left behind by both Hannah and me."

Cathy is sitting next to him on the couch chewing her fingernails. "I'm sorry."

"No, you are right. I said I would be there and I have to be there. I know there is a lot riding on this." Cathy's eyes go big as she nods her head.

"It's time," says Sarah, walking in. "Let's go visit Hannah."

As they are walking out the door Christopher asks, "Do we have her yellow swimsuit?"

"Got it!" says Cathy, showing it to him.

Sarah, Cathy and Christopher drive the truck to visit Hannah. After they check in they are kept waiting in the visiting room for ten minutes.

Finally Sue comes walking through the door and announces, "Attention ladies and gentlemen, I would like to introduce to you Wonder Woman." As she is doing a big sweeping gesture with her arm, Hannah jumps into the doorway with a red cape on while wearing here cute yellow dress.

Hannah runs half way in and stops, putting her fists on her hips. "Fear not family, Hannah is here to save the day." Sarah and Cathy fall out laughing, but Christopher just shakes his head with a smile.

Finally Hannah sees Cathy and runs to her. "Hi, mommy."

"Hi, baby. Fighting bad guys are you?"

"Yep. Hi, Sarah."

"Hi, Hannah." she replies, coming over and checking out the cape.

"Hi, Daddy." Hannah says, leaping into the air and landing in his lap.

"I'm really glad to see you are getting to have fun here." As Christopher is hugging Hannah he looks over at Sue with grateful eyes.

"We brought you your yellow swimsuit."

"Thanks, Sarah. I can't wait until tomorrow. We are going to kick ass." Then she quickly looks at Christopher while putting her hands over her mouth. "Sorry, daddy."

"I think we can forgive it this once. Plus you two better kick ass."

The girls giggle and Cathy says in mock shock, "Christopher!"

The beauty of an innocent heart is boundless. The last few days have been a whirlwind for Hannah, and yet she has not lost her smile or joy. Knowing that it is only a matter of time before she gets to go home to Christopher forever, the next few days are but a mere bump in the road. Sue and the other workers keep telling her that it is still not a hundred percent yet, but she refuses to listen and to give up hope.

They visit away their hour in but a blink, but their bond is eternal and their love is divine. Towards the end, as the girls are chattering away about the races tomorrow, Christopher has Hannah in his lap and he is brushing her hair.

Now Christopher understands it when he hears someone say she will always be my little girl. She may grow up, she may have a life and family of her own someday, but these memories will last until the end of time. Christopher figures he better stop brushing her hair before it all falls out.

He sighs a sigh that he figures will be the same one as when Hannah or Sarah decides they are too big to cuddle in dad's lap. They hug, kiss, caress and look forward to seeing each other tomorrow.

As the daylight hours of Friday come to a close, Sarah, Cathy and Christopher are relaxing at home. Sarah is lying on the floor in front of the fireplace in her silk pajamas taking notes for the novel Hannah and her are going to finish writing once they are together again. Christopher is sitting almost in the middle of the couch with papers spread everywhere as he organizes and takes more notes for his next novel. Cathy is sitting in Christopher's usual spot in her black and orange Chinese silk nightgown and is very quiet, as she has been since getting back from visiting Hannah.

Every time Christopher looks her way she is lost deep in thought. Christopher knows she has a lot on her mind with the movie finally getting underway, feeling guilty about not being able to stick around for Hannah just as Christopher is, and who knows what else.

Christopher gets up to get himself a drink. "Cathy, you want a beer?"


"A beer."

Cathy shakes her head slowly and gets an odd look on her face for a second. "No, thank you."

"Sarah, my love, would you like a glass of milk or orange juice?"

"Hmm, I think I will take a glass of milk."

"That sounds good," adds Cathy.

"Two glasses of milk it is."

Later that night, when Christopher and Cathy are lying in bed side by side while Christopher is holding her close, he says, "Cathy, are you alright?" She jolts. "You seem far away."

"I'm ... fine. I'm just worried about everything. I hate that I am putting other stuff ahead of the girls, but a lot is riding on this movie. I have to go, but I don't want to go. It's just that ... so much is at stake, especially now."

"What do you mean?"

"We have children now that we have to take care of. It isn't just you or me. If things fail now they ... could ... change everything."

"Sweetheart, as long as we stick together and are together nothing can hurt us." Cathy nods and goes quiet. "Cathy, things are at last coming together. Now is not the time to second guess your choices."

"It's not about that, not really, I guess, it's just, uh, oh, I don't know I'm just so tired and not thinking clearly."

"Fear not my love. Things are changing, that is true enough, but it is all good." Cathy nods again, but in the dark Christopher can't see her eyes go big.

"Before we get started today I just want to say that all of the girls have done wonderful, and no matter who wins today they should be proud of their accomplishments." Everybody applauds, and Sarah and Hannah who are in Christopher's lap look back and up at him and smile. "Since we are down to two swimmers from the four swim leagues, it will be one race for everything per age group. Will the four to six year old of freestyle please take your positions?"

As the two girls from their swim league start walking over, Sarah and Hannah cheer them on. They turn around and smile. There are some truly good swimmers in the group, and Christopher figures that the future age groups better watch out.

Before moving on to the next age group they do the individual medley of the same age group. After the final race of that combined age group they do the ceremony for the two winners and the runner-ups.

Next comes Sarah and Hannah's age group and discipline. The girls stand up and take their shorts off. Of course Hannah is wearing her yellow swimsuit and takes off her yellow short bottoms. Sarah has decided to wear her dark blue swimsuit and takes off her black and white striped shorts. Christopher gives their muscles a quick rub down.

Christopher, Cathy and Nan have chosen their spot well. If they were watching a football game they would be on the fifty-yard line. They are about to explode with excitement and anticipation.

As the girls take their stage they look over for last minute encouragement and wave sweetly. Sarah and Hannah are in the two center lanes of an eight-lane pool.

Christopher's leg is tapping, Cathy is again eating her fingernails and Nan is sitting there like an old hand. As the tension builds before the sounding of the horn Cathy and Christopher are sitting on the edge of the bleachers. Luckily, as soon as the horn blows all the parents rise to their feet and start cheering their child on.

The girls arc through the sky and hit the water. It seems like an eternity, but finally the girls surface and start driving towards victory. Sarah, Hannah and the ten year old are neck and neck. Christopher is jumping up and down at this point, and Cathy can barely watch. They disappear under water and everybody is leaning forward to see who comes out on top out front. Like whales breaching, Sarah and Hannah come up ahead of the field and continue to leave the field behind.

Sarah and Hannah are neck and neck. Fifteen feet to go, ten, five, and just as Sarah seems to be pulling ahead Christopher sees Sarah look up out of the water at Hannah and she micro pauses before stretching for the electronic touch pad. Hannah wins. As all the girls finish, Hannah doesn't know she has won yet.

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