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Sarah's Love

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Chapter 38

"You ready to go get Hannah for twelve marvelous days?"

It has been eleven days since Sarah has learned of Nan's illness. She has been busting her cute little tush to help out however she can. It really helped her when Hannah came over last Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. They talked, played and trained really hard for the first true competition of that Saturday. Sarah and Hannah again kicked butt and came in first and second in all three of their heats.

Both Sarah and Christopher were sad when they had to take Hannah home that same Saturday, but they took here home with some more awesome memories. That Thursday, instead of all day practicing, they went to the gun club of which Christopher is now a member. Shooting seemed to have helped Sarah work through some of her grief. Not that she's any less sad, but she feels more in control of her life.

Again, for whatever reason, the girls dress all so prettily to go to the gun range. In their brightly colored summer dresses they embrace the second amendment at its mild form. Of course the second amendment is so the people can overthrow the governments if they stop obeying the US Constitution and self-reliance. The girls embrace everything Christopher wants to share with them. As he is standing right beside Hannah as she is shooting an AR15, he smiles because she is all excited that she hit the target.

"I hit it! I hit it! I hit it!" she screams, bouncing up and down all excited.

"Yes, you did, sweetheart. I am so very proud of you again." Making sure the weapon is secured he gives her a high five.

Christopher smiles at the beauty of two true American girls, and then a frown flashes across his face as a childhood memory thinks to dim this amazing moment. One of the few times his dad came briefly into his childhood they went shooting. They were out in the wilderness of Alaska and he hit a target and was excited like Hannah is now, and his dad and his older brother looked at each other and rolled their eyes.

Instead of cheering him on they took it to a place of pettiness. Maybe that is why he became a marksman in the Army. They shoot for several hours, and Christopher is beaming by the time they are done. Even when they take her home that Saturday he is still smiling.

But now it is Wednesday, June twenty-seventh, and Hannah is going to be all theirs for twelve blessed days. "I can't wait until Hannah gets to meet Cathy. We are going to have so much fun!" says Sarah. Christopher smiles because nothing is ever going to dampen this little girl's beautiful heart again.

Christopher hands the grandma her bottle of whiskey and another scotch without saying anything, and walks away with a smiling Hannah. As they are walking down the walkway Christopher looks down at her and smiles as he is saying, "You ready to have some fun, babygirl?"

"Yeah." Hannah says, glowing prettily.

They go to practice, and it is easy to tell the little red-haired girl has stepped up her game. She was the queen bee for multiple seasons, and she is not happy about the two upstarts.

Every time they gather they learn a little more about the layout of the season. It turns out that the last three Saturdays are quarterfinals, semi-finals and the finals. All of which will be competing against surrounding swim leagues, not within their own ranks. It appears the best four of the style and age groups get to represent their swim league in the quarterfinals, but only the top three get to move on to the semi-finals, and then only the top two move on to the finals.

That doesn't really concern Christopher because he has all the confidence in the world, and no outcome could change anything in his heart about these girls, but he knows Sarah and Hannah will not be satisfied unless they get to represent their swim league in the finals.

As the day progresses, Sarah and the little red-haired girl trade back and forth between first and second, with Hannah coming in third every time. Sarah and the little red-haired girl are long lanky girls that slide through the water, where Hannah is a little more stocky and curvy.

One thing Christopher notices as the third and last hour comes to a close, is that Hannah is breathing a little harder. It could be that she has been pushing herself and getting frustrated, but Christopher decides maybe he should start taking the girls jogging. It has been years since he has been jogging, and he just knows these little girls are going to kill him yet. "Ah, what a way to go."

On the drive to Christopher's house the truck is quiet because Hannah is not happy. "Hannah, my love, I noticed you were breathing kind of hard sometimes, so besides our normal workout regimen in the morning we are going to start jogging."

"I don't like coming in third anymore, and if I heard right only the top two get to go to the finals"

"You heard right."


"Well, that is not until August, so we still have some time. If you are up for it we will step up our swimming practices. After we get back from the furniture store I want you girls to go online and find out how America's top Olympic Swimmers train." Hannah nods, but she has a steely-eyed look of determination and grit on her angelic face.

"I know Hannah can do it. I know you can do it. You have already beaten her before, and you will again." Hannah smiles at Sarah's kind words.

As they pull into the driveway. "You girls put some regular clothes on and I'll check in on Nana."

"Yes sir!" They both salute him. It always makes him smile.

"Hey, Nan, how are you doing today?"

"I'm okay. I have that doctor's appointment tomorrow."

"I remember. The girls and I will be over about ten to get you."

"Thank you."

"No problem. Well, we are off to the furniture store. Today the girls get to fully decorate their bedrooms."

"Sarah tells me you are going to try and adopt Hannah as well."

"Yes, her grandmother, who is also raising her, is nothing like you. She is a mean drunk."

"I'm actually glad Sarah will have a sister, and she absolutely loves Hannah."

"Yeah, my lawyers are putting in some preliminary paperwork with the government today to get it started. At the pace government moves, I hope by the time I go out to Hollywood in August to do the movie I will have her. But don't you worry Nan, I'm sure Cathy and I will have even more kids."

"You like children?"

"Who knew? I knew my niece Katie has always been an absolute sweetheart, but before Sarah opened up my heart I just pretty much wanted to be left alone by kids and adults."



"You know you are spoiling those girls."

"Yeah, I know, and god it feels wonderful." Nan laughs. "We'll buy you some dinner and bring it over when we get home."

"Thank you."

Christopher walks in the front door and yells up the stairs. "Sarah, we are going to get dinner for Nana, so don't let me forget."


"What is taking you girls so long?"

"Nothing, we are just finishing brushing our hair."

They come downstairs and Sarah is wearing her pink summer dress with white flowers and Hannah is wearing her yellow summer dress with white flowers. Christopher can already see what direction their color schemes are going to go in.

"So, did you brush your own hair or did Hannah do it for you?" Hannah giggles and Sarah smiles. "Ah huh! Get your cute little butts in the truck." Two very adorable little girls go skipping out of the house. Christopher smiles and shakes his head as he locks the door behind him.

As they head on over to Hartford the process begins. "So, what are we getting today?" asks Hannah.

"Hmm, well you'll definitely need a bed with nightstands. Of course you will need a dresser."

"As much as you spoil us, we probably should get two dressers."

Christopher looks at Sarah and smiles. "Nana was just saying the same thing. Okay, two dressers each. Of course my pretty pretty girls will have to have a couple of large mirrors each. Uh, hmm, how would you girls like your own desks and your own computers in your rooms? Of course Sarah already has her own computer, and even though you have you own desk I think we should get one to match your white and pink motif."

"How did you know I was going to go with pink?"

"The same way I know Hannah is going to go with yellow." The girls look at each other and smile. "But, if I let you girls have a computer in your room, when I tell you to turn them off, they go off."

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