Sarah's Love - Cover

Sarah's Love

Copyright© 2015 by Allan Kindred

Chapter 27

Christopher is waiting anxiously at the airport for Cathy. It sucks not being able to meet somebody as they are getting off the plane anymore, but such is life these days.

As she is coming down the escalator they see each other and smile. Cathy is wearing a very pretty dress that looks like either an Easter dress or a summer dress. It is white with red trim, and it goes down to about three inches above her knees. She looks very adorable. She has a coat draped over one arm and Christopher takes that from her as he hugs her before saying anything. He hopes his heartfelt hug can say what he hopes his words will be able to do later.

Cathy pulls back with a smile on her face as she says, "Well, hello to you, too."

Christopher smiles. "How was your flight?"

"Not bad."

"Good. Do you have luggage?"

"Just one bag." Cathy is looking at Christopher in amazement. "You look so different."

"You look just the same. I mean you look absolutely beautiful."

She spins around for him. "You think?"

"Forgive me if this is out of line." He places both of his hands tenderly on her head and kisses her lips gently.

She swallows hard with big eyes and a smile. "I guess so."

Christopher laughs, grabs her hand and says, "Come on, let's get your bag so we can get back in time to pick Sarah up from school. Today is her last day of the year."

"You like that little girl?"

"I love that little girl. I'm trying to adopt her."

Cathy stops, and as their hands are still clasped she pulls him to a stop. "What?"

"Okay, look, I wanted to ease into all kinds of stuff with you, but I feel so comfortable around you and I've been thinking about a great many things since I've been out here, so I'm going to need you to forgive me if I act a little too familiar with you."

"No, that's okay. I feel the same way, but you want to adopt Sarah."

"Yes, her grandma is dying from cancer but Sarah doesn't know that yet. Look, I can't explain it fully, but Sarah has brought love back into my life that allowed for me to realize I have feelings for you." Cathy's eyes go big. "After your birthday present in Maine we are going to go to the ocean and a Boston game like we talked about, and then afterwards we are all going to sit down and tell Sarah about her grandma and see where everything goes from there. There is an old friend of the family named Karen who also wants to adopt Sarah, so it may not go smoothly."

Cathy is looking up at him, thinking that Christopher has indeed changed. She marvels at the change, and realizes maybe she cares for him far more than she thought she did. "Does Sarah know you want to adopt her?"

"Of course! I asked her about it first before I went to Nan. Nan being Sarah's grandma."

"Wow!" she says, as they take a seat waiting for the luggage to start coming out. "I can't wait to meet this little girl. It appears I owe her quite a lot."

"She wants to meet you too. She's all excited about today. I have told her just as much about you as I have you about her."

"And where do I fit in."

"You're the mommy."


"Relax, I just want two of my three favorite girls to meet. Don't panic yet."

"It's not about that. I mean we are just friends, for lack of a better description, and I'm happy for you and I love this change in you and it may be something I want to be apart of, but this is a lot to take in."

"I know, and I don't expect anything other than enjoying our time together, as friends if that is how it has to be."

Cathy is quiet for a moment and then she asks, "Who's the third?"


"You said two of your three favorite girls. Who is the third?"

"Oh! My niece Katie, she is ten and also an absolute sweetheart."

"I think that is my bag there." Christopher grabs it and they leave. "Is this your new truck? I thought you would have been driving your hotrod."

Christopher thinks about it for a second and smiles. "Oh, actually, I didn't even think about it. I was just so excited to see you."

As they are driving along Cathy asks, "How did your mom's funeral go?"

"It was more of a gathering, since she got cremated, but it was nice enough, and I got to see my brother and his family again."

"Katie is his daughter?"

"Yep. You hungry at all?"

"No, I can wait. Didn't you say we are all going out for dinner?"


"Is that your new favorite word?"


Cathy laughs prettily. "Here it is."

"Oh, Christopher, it is lovely. The neighborhood is pristine. I can see why you have chosen to keep it."

"Actually yeah, the biggest reason is Sarah, of course, but I really have come to enjoy living in a smaller community with hardworking people. These people here don't want or need any free handouts."

"I see you haven't completely changed."

"Don't worry, I'm pretty sure Sarah plans on drafting you into her efforts to make me a better person." Cathy looks at him with a silly grin on her face as he opens the truck door for her.

While picking up her bag out of the back of the truck with his right hand, he puts his left hand on the small of her back and guides her towards the house, up the stairs and in. "Oh wow! The living room is huge, and a nice kitchen table. Where's the pool? Have you begun training Sarah yet for the swim league?"

"A little. Now that school is over we'll pick it up once you and I get back from Maine, and plus today she is picking up the rules, regulations and sign up sheet for the league. Please feel free to look around. I have to go to the bathroom. If you need to use the rest room there is another one at the top of the stairs."

By the time Christopher comes out of the downstairs bathroom Cathy is exploring upstairs. When Christopher finally catches up to her she is admiring the whirlpool tub in the custom bathroom. "Nice, huh?"

"Yes it is. It looks very comfortable."

"If you like you can take a nice long bath after dinner. I have some aroma-therapy candles and bubble bath."

"Really? What are you doing with those?"

"I got them to help me seduce you."

"You don't need those." Then she thinks about what she just said and smiles shyly.

Christopher looks at her quickly, and as he is saying, "Umm hmm, I see. Awesome." He takes her hand and leads her into the bedroom. "You can have the bed for tonight and I'll sleep on the couch, and that way we can do this right."

Cathy has been feeling a little uncertain of how things were going to play out. She knows how she wants them to end up, but his offer allows her to relax a bit. "What time does Sarah get out of school?"

Christopher looks at the alarm clock since he doesn't wear a wristwatch, and he says, "Ewe, it's almost time, come on."

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