Sarah's Love - Cover

Sarah's Love

Copyright© 2015 by Allan Kindred

Chapter 20

"Saturday morning cartoons. Man, I used to love them as a kid, but of course mine were better than the silly things they got going on now. What ever happened to Bugs and Daffy?"

"Who are Bugs and Daffy?"

"Who are Bugs and Daffy? Who are Bugs and Daffy? Oh my god, I'm going to have to find them for you to watch. I get hundreds of channels; you would think one of them would show the classic cartoons."

Sarah giggles as they still linger under the covers, but now their heads are down at the other end so they can watch television. Sarah is using Christopher's right arm as a pillow as she is lying on her back and he on his right side. Christopher has his powerful left arm draped across her, and she is so warm and content that she often closes her eyes with a smile on her face and just lets the warmth and love envelop her.

"I'm hungry."

"You're hungry, huh!" he says, while rubbing her tummy.

As he is rubbing her tummy she stretches out from her pointed toes to her outstretched arms and fingers. She arcs her back with a very content and satisfied moan. Sarah is acting like a purring kitten. Another wonderful moment that is just for the two of them.

Finally Christopher stretches himself and starts kicking off the blankets with his legs. They sit up and Sarah says, "Can I have pancakes again?"

"Again? You are going to turn into a pancake."



"Maybe at the end of our book Christopher can throw a party for everybody that helped him find his way home and they can serve pancakes."

"Ah, I like it. I am so proud of you, sweetheart. You are so smart and it takes courage to allow yourself to be so intimate with somebody like you and I are being. The trust and love you are showing in me is without a doubt the greatest honor I have ever been shown, and I have been graced to be a part of many honors. Sarah, I couldn't love you any more even if you were my own daughter."

Sarah's eyes spill tears as she wraps herself around him, hugging him harder than life clings to Earth. "I love you, Christopher. I love you so much."

Christopher has his left arm wrapped around her back and he is stroking her hair with his right hand, and then finally it just settles into a warm embrace. "Well, if we can't even manage to get out of bed, how are we going to get anything accomplished today?"

Sarah pulls back and wipes the tears from her cheeks as she is nodding and smiling. "I'm still hungry."

Christopher smiles, kisses her and sets her off to the side as he gets up and goes to the bathroom. As he is making breakfast Sarah does the same and then folds up the blanket. They eat in the living room, since there is only a computer desk in the dining room. "You going to help me in the backyard today?"

"Of course."

"We'll work in the backyard for the morning, and then get cleaned up and go visit Nana. Do you remember that black and gray dress that we both liked, but you thought I had got you too much stuff already?"

"The one with the high waist?"

"Right! The one with the empire waist."


"I really want to see you in that dress. We'll make a quick trip while in Hartford and get it, then we'll come back here and I'll do some more yard work and you can do some more of your homework."

"You're not going to help me with my homework and brush my hair?"

"Of course I am, but that is after our baths. Remember, my precious girl, we aren't just looking to do the homework that they assign. We want to create our own programs, because there is no way in hell that my little buddy should be getting C's and B's when you are smart enough and tough enough to get A's and B's."

"Okay." She nods her head undaunted. She is not alone when she says it feels wonderful when someone believes in you so deep and whole-heartedly.

After they get changed into jeans, tee shirts and boots, they get to work on the backyard. Christopher wants to turn it into a sanctuary, because before long Sarah is going to start training for the Summer Swim League. Christopher may love Sarah madly, but when he takes on a challenge he goes at it army-strong.

While he continues to dig up or trim trees and bushes, Sarah is raking and bagging the leaves. They go at it all morning and by lunchtime they are feeling it. At least now the empty pool only has only a foot of leaves in it rather than the yard it had before.

"We'll wait to eat lunch until we see if Nana wants us to get her something too. Although because of the surgery she may not be able to eat anything substantial for a while." As he is saying that, he is sitting down on his bed upstairs taking his boots and socks off. Sarah follows his lead. He grabs a towel out of the hall closet just to the side of the bathroom and so does Sarah. He walks into the bathroom at the top of the stairs and says, "I'm going to take a shower. I suggest you take a quick bath, and then I'll brush your hair so Nana won't have a fit."

"Okay." she says, wrapping the towel around her and going down stairs.

"When's the last time you washed your hair?" he asks her from atop the stairs.

"A few days ago." she says from the bottom of the stairs. He gives her a look that says a book full. "I'll wash my hair."

"Good girl."

When Christopher gets out of the shower and goes into his bedroom, Sarah is already there holding out her towel for him. "Did you wash your hair?"


He puts his towel down on the bed and takes a seat. He takes her towel and attacks her with it. She giggles and squirms, but eventually she is dry.


"Yes, my love."

"I think I want to look pretty for Nana today. What if a wear the white and pink dress with the pink leggings?"

"One of my favorites. Where's the hair brush?"


"Go get it and bring it up."

She runs her cute naked little bottom down the stairs as he finishes drying off. By the time she gets back upstairs he has his pants on. He sits down and pats the bed between his legs. She comes over and sits down, and he does a quick brushing and then dries her hair a little more and then does another quick brushing. After they are dressed and heading out the door it is almost one o'clock.

"How are you feeling today, Nana?"

"Much better, thank you, darling girl."

"Nan, we held off on eating just in case you are hungry."

"No, I just ate some pudding. So how are things going?"

"Wonderful! Me and Christopher are cleaning up his backyard real good so we can get his pool ready for me to train for the Summer Swim League."

"That is wonderful, sweetheart. Are you doing your homework?"

"We are doing more than the assigned homework. Christopher says I'm so smart and tough that I'm going to get A's and B's for now on."

"Wonderful! So, Christopher, is our little Sarah behaving herself?"

"Nan, you helped raise the most special girl I've ever met. She always wants to help out, and she is always willing to share of herself so freely. I want you to know something, Nan." Sarah looks up at him with big eyes like maybe he is going to tell her of one of their special moments. "I told her that I originally bought the house as an investment and that I would be leaving in a year."

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