Sarah's Love - Cover

Sarah's Love

Copyright© 2015 by Allan Kindred

Chapter 19

Karen comes by and spends almost two hours with them. "So you sleep up here in his bed and he sleeps on the couch? It looks comfortable."

It is Sarah doing the house tour, and she says without hesitation. "Yep!"

"Dinner's ready!"

"Come on, Karen, Christopher is a good cook."

"He is, huh!"

"Yep." Sarah says, pulling Karen down the stairs.

They eat until they are full, and then while Sarah is showing Karen some of their book on her computer Christopher sits down and has a beer.

Christopher again gets lost on seeing the joy on Sarah's face as she is showing Karen her burgeoning world. Karen turns around and makes a point of looking at the beer and then she asks, "Drink a lot of those a day, do you?"

"Oh yeah, twenty to thirty in the morning alone."

"You do not! He does not. Since I've been here this time, this is the first beer I've seen him drink."

And then it hits Christopher that is true. He maybe has one or two beers a night if at all, but his whiskey drinking drops off completely when Sarah is staying over. It is at this point that he really starts to put some thought into it. Not only is his drinking much less, but also when she is in his arms he falls asleep ten times faster.

He knows eventually he is going to have to break the habit of them sleeping together when she stays over, but for now the healing force that radiates out with their shared warmth almost makes him believe in the divine again.

Then all of a sudden the thought of ever truly being far away from her becomes truly terrifying to him. He is not sure how he should feel about this. He knows it is innocent, beautiful and healing, but it is all so new to him he doesn't fully understand the wonder that has grown between them.

"Christopher. Christopher!" Karen breaks him out of his reverie.

"Yeah." he says, shaking his head.

"Thank you for having me over for dinner."

"Sure, maybe we'll do it again." Christopher is only half there as he is still trying to ponder the greatness that is helping set both of them free from the ghosts of their pasts.

"Bye." Sarah says, standing on the porch by herself. Sarah comes back into the house and comes around the couch and crawls into his lap. "Are you okay?"

"Actually, I'm great. Have you noticed how quickly we have become so close, and for me every time you share of yourself with me I feel some dark recesses of my being becoming lighter."

Sarah nods with tears coming to her eyes. "Yes. Whether you are encouraging me or holding me I feel like nothing can ever hurt me again. Three months ago I couldn't even talk to someone, much less open up fully to him or her like I do you. Do you think it is love?"

Christopher raises his eyebrows and clamps his lips while nodding, and says, "Could be. It most definitely could be. Whatever it is, thank you for being you."

Sarah hugs him and then says, "I'm going to take a bath. Want to take one with me?"

Not even thinking about what she just offered, he says, "No, that's okay, babygirl. I got some new notes to write down for my next novel."

As Christopher has papers surrounding him on the couch and the living room table, Sarah finishes with her bath and comes out. "Christopher?"

"What, baby," says Christopher, turning her way. His eyebrows go up, but he does not look away. If she is so freely willing to share of herself and honor him, he will unashamedly admire the grace and grandeur that is hers.

Then quickly remembering, he looks over his shoulder to make sure the blinds and curtains are shut. He looks back. "Yes, dear."

Sarah sees Christopher look at her and it only makes her feel warm and loved. "I forgot my Harley shirt at home."

"You're kidding?" She shakes her long damp dirty blonde hair no. "Uh, just go upstairs and get another one out of the closet." She turns and runs up the stairs. He watches her go, and as she disappears up the stairs he turns and with a smile he shakes his head and says, "You got to love a pretty girl with a cute tushy. How wonderful is it that her inner beauty shines even brighter yet."

Once Sarah has commandeered another one of Christopher's Harley shirts, she is sitting between his legs doing her homework as he is brushing her hair. It has become one of the favorite times of their lives.

As is their pattern, Sarah goes to her spot on the floor in front of the fireplace and Christopher continues to work out the outline and specifics of his next novel. He knows he has to do it now, because once the screenplay shows up that will dominate his time.


"What, baby."

"Can I turn on the radio?"

"Oh, uh, yeah, I guess for now, but when I'm writing, rewriting and or editing my works or going over the coming screenplay, I will need complete silence."



At first Sarah's legs are moving back and forth and then eventually her tushy starts to sway and pretty soon her arms are playing air drums, and then she can no longer lie still. She gets up and starts spinning around. Christopher gets out his digital camera and starts taking dozens and dozens of wonderful pictures.

"Come on, Christopher, dance with me."

He smiles and puts down his camera and goes and grabs her hands, and they start to sway together as the music invades their very beings. She is wearing a black Harley tee shirt and he is wearing his brown and cream pajama bottoms with his green and gold Oakland Athletics tee shirt on. Christopher may not believe in a soul, but he does believe in an aura that connects us to the universe, and it is from that now that such beauty and grace flows.

Soon Christopher wraps both of his arms across the back of her thighs and picks her up and spins them both around in circles. It takes about a minute of that, and then both of them collapse on the carpet. Christopher rolls over onto his back and grabs her and pulls her onto him. Sarah immediately flattens out and sinks into him. She rests her head on his heavily beating heart. Christopher wraps his arms around her back and holds on lovingly.

Finally Christopher says, "I think I have let myself get out of shape." He is still trying to catch his breath. "As soon as it warms up I'm going to get my pool going, and we are going to start exercising hard for the Summer Swim League."

"Okay," she says, giving her head a quick nod.

Christopher rolls over onto his side, sending Sarah over onto her back. He stands up and reaches down for her arms. She folds up her legs and Christopher pulls her up. "I don't know about you, but I am thirsty."

"Me too!" They walk into the kitchen, and when Christopher opens the door Sarah skirts her petite little body between him and the opening and grabs the last root beer.


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