Sarah's Love - Cover

Sarah's Love

Copyright© 2015 by Allan Kindred

Chapter 13

Christopher is leaning against the back of the couch watching the clock and the front door. At last Sarah comes walking through it.

The last time Christopher was waiting for her it was bad news, so she starts to get a sinking feeling. "Is everything alright?"

"Everything is great! I've been waiting for you to get home so we can go shopping."

A big smile adorns her pretty face. "Let me go to the bathroom and I'm ready." She drops her school stuff near the couch and goes into the bathroom, leaving the door open about a foot. As she is going pee she says, "I will be glad to get some new clothes."

"Yeah, why is that?"

"The kids are making fun of me because I've been wearing my new dress and outfit so much. This is the second day in a row I wore it, and about the third or fourth since you bought it for me. The kids used to make fun of me because I used to wear such ugly farmer-like clothes, but now only some of the other pretty girls are mean to me."

"Unfortunately, sweetheart, there will always be those kind of people. Just don't let them pull you down to their level."

As Sarah washes her hands and comes out she says, "I won't. I don't talk to any of them anyway."

"You don't have any friends?"

"I have you," she says with an adoring smile.

"And I have you." he says, running up to her and attacking her with a million little kisses on her cheek and ear.

She giggles and squirms in his grasp. "Christopher!"

She falls to the floor with him tickling her. He pauses for a moment. "Yes."

She catches her breath, and then her smile fades a little as she holds out her arms to him. He picks her up with one arm securely under her tush and the other tightly wrapped around her back.

Sarah wraps her legs around his waist, her arms around his neck, and she rests her pretty little head on his shoulder up against his neck, and he can feel baby teardrops hitting his skin. Christopher just holds her tighter with tears coming to his own eyes.

They stay there for an unbelievably long time, until Christopher says, "I guess we should go get you some pretty clothes so we can go visit Nana." Sarah nods her head into his neck.

"Alright, you ready for a fashion show?"

"Yes sir." Sarah says, looking at all the pretty clothes.

"We can't spend a whole lot of time here today, but we can get you a couple more dresses, a couple of skirt outfits and a couple pant outfits. We definitely want to get you some cute pajamas."

"I like your tee shirt."

"You do, huh?" She nods her head. "Well then, you can have it."

"Really! Thank you."

"On your mark, get ready, shop!" Sarah giggles.

As they are walking towards a rack of dresses, Sarah asks, "What is your favorite color again?"


"Oh, just like your Chevelle." Christopher stops and stares at Sarah. "What?"

"Most girls don't make that correct distinction, they usually just say car."

"I like your car. It is a pretty red and I like the sound of it."

"Uh oh!"


"Sounds like you are going to be a hotrod girl."

"Are you a hotrod boy?"


"Okay than, I will be a hotrod girl."

As Christopher is laughing, he says, "Oh yeah, uh, I will be getting my screenplay for my book that is being made into a movie at the beginning of April or so, so we are going to start on our book tonight."

"It's almost April now."

"I think we have nearly a couple of weeks, so we'll start tonight after you do your homework."

Sarah smacks her full lips and nods her head. "Anyway, my point earlier was that since you like red, I want to get some red clothes so I can wear them for you."

"Aren't you just the sweetest thing? Oh, look here, isn't this the cutest skirt, and it is even deep red with white trim. Red and white go good together. Hold it up to you and see if it looks like it will fit."

"I think so."

"Throw it in the cart, and we'll get a bunch of them and go back to the changing room for you to try them on." After they pick out about ten outfits, and as they are heading back towards the changing rooms, they go by the personals area and Christopher says, "We should probably get you some cute panties to go with your pretty dresses." Sarah turns crimson red as she looks around her, hoping nobody is nearby. "Oh, don't be embarrassed. Every girl should have pretty panties."

"Why? Only you, Nana and me will see them."

"It's not about that. It's about feeling pretty and special, rather than just being pretty and special. It's something special just for you. You know, being pretty on the outside and feeling pretty on the inside. When you have a moment that is negative and people are being mean or whatever, you can picture your pretty panties and smile. You can walk around with a sweet smile on your face and everybody will be wondering why, and only you will know and that will make you feel like a pretty girl. You know when they ask you, "What are you smiling at?" you can smile knowingly and say, "I'm just happy to be a girl."

Sarah giggles and gets emotional and hugs him, and says, "When I'm with you I feel like a pretty girl." Now it is Christopher's turn to get emotional, and he holds up his hand for a high five.

"What kind should we get?"

"I think bikini style cotton should be comfortable and pretty."

"I like these, they are so shiny."

"Those are either silk or satin, probably satin. Try 'em on and see if you like them"

As they are walking to the changing area they come across some swimsuits. "Do you like to swim?"

"I love to swim. There is a summer swim league, but I'm not very good."

"Well, let's get you a couple of swimsuits and we can get you training, and you'll be just as good as most of the others. Who knows, if you train hard enough maybe you can win from time to time."

"You think so?"

"Sweetheart, I believe in you fully. You can absolutely do anything and succeed at anything you put the time and effort into."

"Okay," she says, pulling up a dark blue one-piece swimsuit to her body.

"Grab a couple and try them on."

At last they are at the changing room, and Christopher makes himself comfortable in a chair across from the girls changing area. He is truly excited about the coming fashion show.

At first Sarah comes out in a red jean pants with a thick pink sweatshirt. "How do they feel?"

"I like them."

"Okay, turn around."

"How come?"

"Because it has to show off your cute tush."

"I have a cute tush?"


"Why does that matter?"

"All pretty girls should have a cute tush. Are you kidding me? Okay, we'll take that one. Next!"

She comes out in the red and white skirt with a simple white tee shirt. The skirt comes down form fitting, and then it has a four-inch wide frilly hemline that makes it sort of look like a country style skirt. "Turn. How's it feel?"

"I like it!"

"Put that one in the take pile."

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