by Benjamin Stahl

Copyright© 2019 by Benjamin Stahl

Spiritual Story: Just a brief recount of a lucid dream I had this Christmas.

Tags: Supernatural   Angels  

During the early evening of Christmas Day, 2019, I fell into an exhausted sleep upon my bed. I slept deeply for about five hours. My dreams (the ones I recall, that is) were lucid and of a varying nature; they were strung together in a loose, illogical sense. I only vaguely remember them now, five hours later.

The purpose of this text is to capture, before the memory of my inner feeling fades away, one particular moment within my dream, which occurred at the end. Upon waking, disoriented and touched by a certain melancholy peculiar to daytime departures into sleep and dreaming, I immediately told my wife the “amazing dream” I’d just had. “It was kind of like we went to Heaven, but not like we had died. More like we suddenly became angels” was the general idea I presented to her.

Following is a summary of that which I have already begun to forget:

There was a great vast lake surrounded by rolling hills. Somewhat like the dales of Yorkshire, England I am familiar with - only greener. The surface of the lake, as in any well-framed photograph one might find on a postcard, was like a mirror to the heavens. For some reason, my mother drove me down to this lake. One moment I was in the passenger seat beside her; next moment, an invisible force swept me down towards the shore at a most fantastic speed. Planted there, where the land met the water, a kind of ramp was placed, positioned to launch me out over the lake. However, hitting this with great speed, I shot into the air – freely, rapidly, surging ever upwards ... higher, higher ... the earth receding beneath me. My mother stood by the car, just a small figure diminishing with distance.

I should state that, unlike most dreams of this nature, I was not fearful despite my rapid flight, the yawning heights to which I climbed. Somehow I knew I was protected, that I would not ever come back down but would only proceed upwards. The emotions I was feeling defy succinct definition. To attempt though, I was enveloped with the purest joy, a most radiant sense of fulfilment. I was entirely free of anxiety, untethered to any worldly concerns save that

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