World of Warcraft - Preparations for the Coming Storm - Cover

World of Warcraft - Preparations for the Coming Storm

by R.P.A.M.

Copyright© 2010 by R.P.A.M.

Fantasy Story: A new guild gets a secret assignment by the King of Stormwind. Their success will help in the coming battle for Azaroth.

Tags: Drama   Witchcraft   Knights  

Taziana, a Night Elf Druid and Hephaestylus, a Human Paladin had traveled to the land of Kalimdor to have a battle for the future of Azaroth. Both are members of the newly formed guild Egidius of guild mistress Taziana.

Their mission is plain and simple, find Lord Baramar and defeat him in battle, but don't kill him. Their King Varian Wrynn has given them this mission because he has been troubled by visions of an impending doom for Azaroth. One of the old gods is stirring below their feet, and soon he will show himself and scar all of Azaroth with his resurrection.

For the battle ahead, the King knows that only an alliance between the Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor will be the downfall of this newly arisen God of old times. And that's why he had given Taziana the quest to find Lord Baramar and persuade him to pledge his guild to help in defending Azaroth together with Taziana's guild. This could be the beginning of more alliances between guilds of both factions and the building stones to defeating this old scorn of Azaroth.

Taziana and Hephaestylus are the only two people on Azaroth, who know if this impending doom for now and their mission is very crucial for the King's plans.

Through hidden contacts in Kalimdor, King Wrynn had heard of the travel plans of Lord Baramar and had given this information to Taziana. That's why we find them both hiding in wait for Lord Baramar to travel through Silithas.

Taziana had the choice between many fine warriors in her guild, but had chosen to take Hephaestylus with her because she knew that he would fight until death for her. He wasn't the strongest among them all, but his heart was in the right place and in his own way, he always found ways to survive the most strongest combatants. And with her healing ability, she was sure they both could defeat this Lord and bring him down to his knees.

"You better take your potions now," Taziana said to Hephaestylus. Knowing he often had his thoughts on other things and forgot to strengthen himself.

"Huh ... Oh yeah," Hephaestylus said, quickly went through the bag hanging on his horse and took a potion to enhance his strength.

Taziana was looking at the road ahead and thought she could see somebody coming in their direction.

"Get ready," she said softly a nudged Hephaestylus in his side.

They quickly buffed each other to enhance each other even more and then prepared themselves for battle. Taziana changed into her Tree of Life form and hid herself behind the other real trees present.

Both of them looked at the figure riding towards them. They could see it was an impressive Orc Warrior. When Taziana checked his gear, she sighed in relief, they hadn't been sure about this until now, but it seemed like he wasn't one of the gladiators but an adventurer instead. That could tilt the battle in favor of Hephaestylus with his gladiator gear.

Hephaestylus' grip tightened around his two-handed mace, and he prepared himself to jump in front of that mighty looking Orc. Only looking at him told him this would be a battle for the books. Even with his advantage in gear, he also knew that adventurers gear couldn't be denied and because of his little break in the past few months, his gear wasn't one of the best around. He only hoped that his Paladin abilities would help him now.

When the Orc was almost upon them, Hephaestylus made his move and sprung out of hiding and quickly blocked the passage for Lord Baramar.

"What is this?" Baramar's voice bellowed at Hephaestylus.

"Lord!" the paladin said, "I don't want to fight you, but I have a proposition for you!"

Baramar's laughter sounded like thunder in Hephaestylus' ears, and he saw how the Orc jumped of his steed and took his two-handed sword in his hands. Before Hephaestylus knew what happened, he was knocked of his feet by the charging Orc. For a huge Orc like he was, he was surprisingly fast.

Hephaestylus jumped on his feet and was barely in time to block the crushing blow of the Orc. He could feel how his shoulders screamed in protest when he had blocked the Orc's sword with his mace. However, this was no time to be squeamish about things like that and in return, he attacked the Orc with his mighty mace. The Orc anticipated his attack and managed to jump to the side and struck a blow with his heavy sword to the back of Hyphaestylus. This time, the paladin's armor had saved him, but he knew that this wouldn't last. Even when that sword hadn't penetrated his armor, he could feel how the vertebrae in his back suffered from the blow.

In return, the paladin quickly moved around his axis and gave a crushing blow with his mace to the side of the Orc. The only effect it had, was that the Orc had to do a step backwards.

"Is that all!" The Orc said with a grin on his face.

Hephaestylus grunted and thought, "Crap, this is going to be a long battle."

The two fighters kept circling each other, trying to find a weakness in each other's defenses. And then the Orc lunged forward and the paladin barely managed to avoid being decapitated. However, the sword had sliced his throat, and he could feel how his life force drained out of him, another blow would surely mean his death.

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