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Now, Then and Beyond

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Chapter 4

Joe and I were on our way to the Leadville area. The first couple of days we were getting used to packing, unpacking, setting up camp and taking it down. We saw some beautiful country and wildlife was everywhere. Joe was making good use of the 410, we had pheasants and rabbit to eat. On the third day it started raining, we had our slickers on and by the end of the day we were wet and cold. We found a nice spot with a large overhang that we could stay dry, 30’ in front of it was an area of grass for the horses. A creek was only a short distance away that we could lead them to.

After getting everything situated, we had a quick dinner of jerky and old biscuits, then went out collecting some firewood for the night. It took a little while to get a bunch that was dry enough to burn. Once we had some coals going off to the side a bit we put on a pot of beans and just relaxed for a bit. I figured now was a good time to talk with Joe, I felt I could trust him, and he would either believe me or not.

With a cup of coffee in our hands the story started. The man of my dreams was a Spirit Medicine Man, sort of a God to his people. My task was to find some of the last survivors of his people close to where Leadville was. He also told me he was having a young couple go north and west from where my land was to find the other part of his people. I was to use part of my land for them to have a home that was safe from take over by the government or anyone else. If I could provide a safe haven for his people and help them learn to live in the white man’s world, they would have a chance of not becoming extinct.

Joe didn’t seem to have any trouble believing or agreeing to stay with me and help. Mostly he was just happy to have a friend he thought he could trust and security he hadn’t had in a long time. I was happy to have Joe in my life too. Not only for helping me in a different time but for the friendship we had. All in all, we had a nice talk and Joe had a better understanding of the task we had before us. I think he also felt better about his future, he had something to look forward to and a mission to accomplish.

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