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Escape From Lexington

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It is 1843, just east of Lexington, KY. John Tyler is President. Arkansas, Louisiana, and Missouri are the only states west of the Mississippi River. Texas is still The Republic of Texas. Michigan is the newest state. The Wisconsin Territory encompasses modern Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Iowa. It includes the part of modern South Dakota (roughly half) east of the Missouri River. It also includes about two-thirds of modern North Dakota north and east of the Missouri River until the territorial border goes north to the border with Canada. The rest of the Louisiana Purchase is known as Indian Territory. The only laws there are Federal law and tribal law, but there is no federal presence to enforce Federal law.

Oregon is a disputed area. The British claim the area south to 40° north latitude, the modern Oregon, California border. The United States claims the area to 54°40’ north latitude, the southernmost border of modern Alaska, which is Russian at this time. The most heavily disputed part is north and west of the Columbia River up to 49° north latitude, the modern US/Canada border.

The westward migration of Americans to Oregon is in its infancy. Most Americans in the area are trappers or missionaries sent to convert the natives. Only a handful of small groups of other people have made the trip. The first pioneers going to Oregon improved the Oregon Trail just enough that wagons could now make the entire trip. Before that, wagons could only make it as far as Fort Hall. After Fort Hall, it was hoof or foot for the final 700 or more miles.

The population of Lexington was just over 7,000, and Louisville about was 27,000.

This is purely a work of fiction, a twisted fragment of my warped and vivid imagination. Any similarities between the characters or events in this story and actual people or events are purely coincidental except for a few historical references.

Do not try this at home. All stunts in this story are performed on a closed course by a professional stunt person using OSHA approved safety equipment.

The source of this story is Finestories

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