Shakes Peer2B: Profile

I began writing for the web in 2003, primarily to see if I could post better quality erotic stories than those I was finding to read. As time went on, and I discovered that many people out there actually enjoyed my writing, I began to shift from erotica to more 'serious' science fiction. Many of you may recognize some of my work from StoriesOnline, as I am re-posting some of those stories here. Naturally, in keeping with the charter of this site, the erotica will be left behind.

My primary reason for posting to the web is to receive feedback from you, the readers, so that I can improve my writing skills, hopefully to the point that I can eventually get some of my work published. With that in mind, please use the feedback tools provided to tell me what you think of my writing; good, bad, or ugly. Of course, constructive criticism is best, but I'll take it any way I can get it.