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Virus vs. Email

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Thanks to a virus and my less than stellar backup strategy, if you sent me feedback between 12/7/10 and 1/18/11, it's likely been lost, so don't expect a response. If you receive duplicate answers to other emails it's for the same reason. When I had to rebuild my hard drive, the latest backup I had for my email was over a month old.

I was way behind in my replies, but would have gotten to them eventually. Now, it isn't possible. My apologies to those I've missed.

Gotta Slow Down the Posts

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I'll be starting an actual paying job on the first of October, so I don't know how much time I'll have for writing. I'll try, but no promises.

Your feedback, my replies

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First let me say that any feedback is better than none. There are, however, some things you should know about how I respond to your feedback:

Anonymous feedback, obviously, doesn't get answered, which is too bad in some cases, because some of you have sent me anonymous feedback that's worthy of a dialogue.

If you only send a few words, don't expect to get the Encyclopedia Britannica for a reply. I don't have time for voluminous replies to "good story" and "I liked it." I appreciate the sentiment and will acknowledge it but that's about it. Same for longer replies that state the obvious or make no comment worthy of a response.

Flames may or may not get a response, depending on my mood.

If, however, you offer well considered critique or constructive criticism and do not send it anonymously, or with a bad email address, you can expect a considered response, either to clear up misconceptions, or to thank you for helping to make me a better writer. These are the responses on which I spend the most time, even to the point of opening a dialogue.

Sometimes I'm inundated with feedback and my responses get a little mechanical, but I do not use a mailbot, and I treasure each of your messages, so keep 'em coming.