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General Update

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Well, I guess I should let my fans know. Because of the multiple complaints, strike that, Suggestions is a nicer word, Because of the multiple suggestions about various aspects of 'The Inheritance" and "Mountain Man" stories. I have decided to suspend work on the next story in the Matt Reynolds saga.

I had also, slowly, been getting close to a conclusion for a new story in the science fiction 'Asteroid Miner' series. That also has been placed on hold.

I originally posted 'The Inheritance' story as an experiment. An experiment in confidence. I wasn't sure if my abilities and imagination would meet with public approval. I know that I am not the next Steven King or Arthur Conan Doyle. I'm not that conceited. But I did want to see if it was acceptable to strangers. I wanted the opinion of people that didn't feel the need to stroke my ego.

I posted 'The Inheritance' with minimal editing or proof reading. As I said it was an experiment in confidence, a lark so to speak. To be honest, I was flabbergasted by the positive response. I was tickled pink when someone from the UK praised my work, Thanks zebra69347. I had gone international. The boost to my confidence and ego pushed me to post some of my other stories, and to conclude the 'Mountain Man' story. That had been sitting in my computer for a couple of years, incomplete.

To be honest, I have to thank those voluntary editors. You have pointed out things that needed legitimate work. On my part, I feel that I need to make those changes before continuing on. This will take some time, hopefully not a lot. But once those edits, proof readings and adjustments are made, I will repost them. Hopefully they will make my stories easier to read and more enjoyable.

For everyone who commented, praised and complained. Thank you.

And as they used to say on the TV, Stay Tuned.