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General Update

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Just a reminder folks. I haven't stopped writing. I started 3 new and different stories at once. My plan was to see which one would become dominant and then concentrate on that one.

Well it worked, sort of. I spent darn near 2 monthes working on one, then the other. Then I hit a brick wall and needed to restart one of the 3. And this one has blown up into the dominant of the 3.

As it stands right now, I have just about finished that story. Be patient, it's on the way.

What does the future hold?

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Well Friends, I have posted #4 in the Matt Reynolds saga. At this time, I feel I need to devote attention to some of my other projects. That having been said, I am putting Matt to sleep for awhile. I am working on a story in the Asteroid Hunter universe. I've also got a more solidly western style story planned out and ready for fleshing out. Hopefully my other stories will be as well received as the Matt Reynolds stuff.

Fools in Paradise

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Posted a new story today. Comments are always welcome.

The Present

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I just added a new story in the Matt Reynolds series. This was a totally unexpected addition. I was filling a hole in the next story when it kind of got away from me. It was a bit too big so I'm posting it solo. Hope you like it.

Mountain man

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The repost for Mountain Man is complete. It should be available on the 3rd. Now back to work.