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After a week of reading your suggestions and requests, this decision was an easy one. I will begin posting a story in the Regiment Universe.

Those that have read the other 2 stories in this universe, Fiddler's Green and Prodigal Son, know that the story line takes place in the post-civil war southwest. Once again, this story can be a stand-alone story, but for context you might want to read the other 2 stories.

While I am posting these chapters, I will continue on my re-write to Outward Bound's sequel.

Thanks to everyone who took the time from their busy lives to wish me good luck and condolences. I don't have the words to describe the humbling feelings I have for your words. Again, Thank You.

Outward Bound

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Today, I am posting the final two chapters of 'Outward Bound.' I must say that I have been pleased with the response that it has received. My original plan was to have the sequel for this story ready for posting. But the universe, being the cruel mistress that she is, had other plans. First was a major re-write of the story. Not just a paragraph here or there. Or even a new chapter. I found that I was going to have to basically write a new half of the story. And then adjust the rest of the story to fit the new parts.

BUT, the universe stepped in and, again, laid her hand on me. The first issue was a family member that I was taking care, started to decline, physically. In late August, My mother passed away. Needless to say my attention was needed elsewhere and my writing suffered. Then I had to go into the hospital for surgery. An abdominal embolism needed attention. BUT, trouble coming in threes, I have developed a cataract in my right eye. This has made writing difficult. Not impossible, just damned difficult. I will be having surgery later this month. With additional surgery later in the year.

SO, where does that leave us? I could continue on with my rewrite. given my personal policy of only posting completed stories, this would take a while before I can resume posting.

OR, I have a completed part of a series in the 'Regiment' universe. It's not nearly as lengthy as 'Outward Bound' But it is ready to go.

Hmmmmmm, Which way should I go?

Outward Bound

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Tonight, July 16th, I am posting 3 chapters. 5,6 and 7.

Outward Bound

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Chapters 3 and 4 posted Thursday evening.

New Story

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For all my friends, family, and fans. I hope and pray that you are safe and healthy.

I want to announce that I will begin posting a new story this week. This will be in the Asteroid Hunter universe.

I know that science fiction isn't to some people's tastes. But I had made a promise to those fans that I would work on a project I had in the Asteroid universe.

As usual, comments are always welcome. Thanks