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My Science Fiction stories

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I started the Spacers story as an experiment into science fiction. And Yes I have several ideas that I am working on. My premise is a time frame in the near future where exploration and colonization of our solar system would be feasible, WITHOUT the interference and control of the various governments.

The basic reason for this exploration is monetary. I'm patterning this as the gold rush, western US diasporia following the civil war. In my research, and I do believe this will be the future, Large corporations will exploit the asteroid belt for resources. In my universe, small, independent companies will also form and jerry rig mining operations. This will require a lot of people and equipment.

The 2 stories I released are side stories. The main story is planned as a novel length work. And will hopefully explain what I'm aiming at. The problem is, I ran into a serious case of writers block on that story. That's when I released the Matt Reynolds Inheritance story. And then the Mountain man story.

Because of the response I've gotten from those stories, I've decided to finish out that series. I plan on 3 more stories, with the next being very close to a finished first draft.