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Chapter 9 reposted

April 7, 2018
Posted at 11:25 am

I have corrected errors in Chapter 9 and reposted it. The most famous, over 50 emails was the cut off of the final words. For some reason when I copied and pasted it didn't carry over. Had to submit and type in after pasting in. To show you what errors can come up, here is a list, this is after 4 checks, including two software driven.

-cut off ending

-Mrs. Hernandez became Mrs. Rodriquez

-Farriers shoe horses, not blacksmiths (I knew that! Dang)

-used correspondence when meant correspondents.

-Had Popeye and Sybil arrive twice

-Forgot Rick got a weekly stipend from studio, no change to story.

-Had Susan Wallace mixed up with Sharon Branson- Too many people, maybe I should kill a few off?

- to quick, should be too quickly

-French out of Vietnam in 1954.

-without a huge outlay, not with a huge outlay

-Introvert not invert

-Pointed out that Dad was in AA, true, and he will be in and out throughout the story.

-Rick will be Sir Richard or Rick, never Ricky.

-Formidable, not formable

-A general comment on commas, I am letting W0rd be the judge, I find there are several conventions but using the most common vernacular. Not what I was taught but hey.

-Haiphong is the port in North Vietnam, not Hanoi.

These are what sharp eyed readers caught. Thank you. Over 100 emails on this chapter, I think a record.

For those who enjoy the story and have told me, Thank you from my heart.

For the trolls I am sorry you have so little joy in your life.