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Corrections Chapter 7

January 28, 2018
Posted at 12:39 pm

I have received 47 emails since posting Chapter 7. Everyone was polite so was easy to react to. By far the most noticed was the fact the 737 wasn't from that time frame, nor the 727.

I had the wrong altitude for a east bound flight.
Flaps down to slow down.
Dump fuel at a slower speed to not tear wings off.
Not TRACON but ARTCC and control centers.
Different wording mistakes.
The Henry golden boy wrong gun. 44 mag is the Big Boy. (I have one in my gun safe!) Oh well.
Last note on flying stuff. Took my aircraft information from Boeing flight check list for a 707-131b. They tell how to dump fuel, but not to slow down!
There was also a note on radio frequencies but not doing anything on that.
Again Thanks to all, I know they seem like nits to some, but to others they interrupt the flow.