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The final chapter of Hatchery Road is now posted.

December 8, 2017
Posted at 6:11 pm

It took a lot longer than I ever intended, by the concluding chapter to my Hatchery Road yarn is now posted.

So, to all those loyal readers who would drop me a line periodically, inquiring about the next installment - here you go. As I told one such reader, just think of it like a Christmas gift that someone ordered for you that the Postal Service didn't deliver when they said they would. :)

I offer my deepest and heartfelt thanks to my incredibly capable editor, karlović. This last chapter was his idea and was far better than the one I had previously envisioned. A tip of my hat to you, sir! :)

As for a continuation of this story in the future ... well, that is my intention, though it may be a bit. I do have a few other projects waiting in the wings - such as the sequel to "Stranded" - that will occupy my time and effort in the near term.