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The final chapter of Hatchery Road is now posted.

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It took a lot longer than I ever intended, by the concluding chapter to my Hatchery Road yarn is now posted.

So, to all those loyal readers who would drop me a line periodically, inquiring about the next installment - here you go. As I told one such reader, just think of it like a Christmas gift that someone ordered for you that the Postal Service didn't deliver when they said they would. :)

I offer my deepest and heartfelt thanks to my incredibly capable editor, karlović. This last chapter was his idea and was far better than the one I had previously envisioned. A tip of my hat to you, sir! :)

As for a continuation of this story in the future ... well, that is my intention, though it may be a bit. I do have a few other projects waiting in the wings - such as the sequel to "Stranded" - that will occupy my time and effort in the near term.


Chapter 22 is posted

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My editor and proofreader was not able to get to it, due to family obligations, so let me know of any errors you find, so I can fix them.

A Bit of a Delay

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My apologies to those awaiting the next chapter in the Hatchery Road story. A fair number of you have remarked that you're suffering withdrawals (that gave me a chuckle!), unfortunately the present delay cannot be helped. Truth be told, I'm not done with it yet - with the word count sitting at about 2,400 out of maybe 6,000 right now. Looking back on this past month, I have to say I'm amazed I got that much written.

August has proven to be quite difficult for me, writing-wise, with illness, family vacations (both to visit extended family and then finally for fun - yea!), plus all the work piled up and waiting for me when I got back (not so fun). Even my mail has piled up here at SOL and I'm just starting to tackle that now.

So, what's the plan? Finish Chapter 22 this week and submit it next Monday. As for Chapter 23, I'm not sure - maybe two weeks after that? The problem for me right now is the difference between what I intended to write (my original outline) and what I'm writing. I had initially intended 22 to be the last chapter, but as I wrote more things popped up and and before too long chapter 23 became my new target ending. Now that is in jeopardy and there may or may not be a Chapter 24. We'll see. :-)

Regardless, next week you'll have Hatchery Road's next installment for your reading pleasure!

In honor of National (US) French Fry Day

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I've posted another chapter to Hatchery Road, mostly because I'm making good progress on finishing the story and I wanted to accelerate the posting schedule a bit. The fact that today is National French Fry Day is just a bonus. :)

A bonus chapter for the Fourth of July

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In view of the present US holiday and the encouraging feedback, I thought I'd drop in a bonus chapter to Hatchery Road. Enjoy and stay safe out there!