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Richard Jackson Saga Tenth Grade

December 22, 2016
Posted at 12:59 pm

I am going to post the first chapter of Richard Jackson Saga: Tenth Grade today. This story is going to be eighteen chapters long and about 180,000 words. It will take place in September - December 1959.

This chapter is the longest and was the most difficult to write as I had to reread everything I have written to try to keep the storyline continuity straight. I invite and beg for comments, observations or corrections on the time line, as the more I get correct now the less problems in the future.

I have just about completed Chapter 2, so I don't have much depth to work with. I want to be up to Chapter 5 before posting Chapter 2, so don't expect it much before March 2017. I am taking January off from work so will write, but after that will only have one week off a month so it will be slow going.

Consider Chapter 1 as a Christmas present. For those who don't believe in Christmas, take it as a seasonal gift. Those who don't believe in gifts send money.

Enjoy as another school year starts.